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  • I am bored of Covid 19. Being in the house is my government's command now.
    But I was completely bored of the house. Damn even though I wanted to go out. Not sure where to go when blocked everywhere
    In my country, the barber shop is closed. Are you all now in the Stone Age ?!
    When this situation is over people have to think that is the 90s and that guys with long hair are popular again.(Rock bands etc.)
    Yes, I had to binge-watch YouTube videos on cutting hair so hubby could have a haircut. When all of this is over, he may never have to pay for another haircut again!
    looking like Einstein's hairdresser did my hair, in time will look like bride of Frankenstein's hairdresser's work though 0.0
    Everything when we don't have We will like to have it instead. That would be none at all. I think no one in the world can be alone. That is a lie when humans are social animals. It is difficult to leave the city and enter the forest. Then said that I would be alone
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Stream will be live shortly with a session of the Interactive Text Adventure! Feel free to drop by!
Am I allowed to make a recruitment thread NOT for RPG Maker stuff?

Like for a group project?
(NOT RPG Maker project.)
If the new RPG Maker's character generator produces full busts and can match the art styles of previous RPG Makers, that might be a big incentive to buy it. An easier way to craft custom map tile sheets though would probably be an even bigger game changer.
Note to self: One lemon is enough to flavor my drink.
'I'm not homophobic, I'm not scared of me house.' - Peter Kay xD

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