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  • Right now, my free time is less when Covid 19 in my country.
    Begin to reduce the number of daily infections to 0.
    I am bored of Covid 19. Being in the house is my government's command now.
    But I was completely bored of the house. Damn even though I wanted to go out. Not sure where to go when blocked everywhere
    In my country, the barber shop is closed. Are you all now in the Stone Age ?!
    When this situation is over people have to think that is the 90s and that guys with long hair are popular again.(Rock bands etc.)
    Yes, I had to binge-watch YouTube videos on cutting hair so hubby could have a haircut. When all of this is over, he may never have to pay for another haircut again!
    looking like Einstein's hairdresser did my hair, in time will look like bride of Frankenstein's hairdresser's work though 0.0
    Everything when we don't have We will like to have it instead. That would be none at all. I think no one in the world can be alone. That is a lie when humans are social animals. It is difficult to leave the city and enter the forest. Then said that I would be alone
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I'm sure this question's been asked before, but I can't find an answer: is there any way to run the Steam version of RPGMaker *without* being logged into Steam? It's a frustrating extra step sometimes.
Been seeing bright flashes in the sky for a while, and thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me. Nope! Lightning. Now it's raining heavily. Seeing lightning, but not hearing thunder, is weird.
Small Update for myself:
>Two Dungeon maps are done, Dungeon 3 is in progress. Dungeon 4 needs work.
>4 characters set up out of a possible 6 but those come later.
>Hub area needs work.
>Game completion..., 20-25% maybe?
Does anyone else find writing dialogue hard?
You guys want more tutorials? Well not only are we doing new video tutorials with Driftwood, we've also brought in two contributing authors for the blog to get a new tutorial every week! First one here from @Avery

Next week we'll get something from @hiddenone

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