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  • Though I was semi-absent for a good chunk in the middle, I find it somewhat serendipitous that I randomly posted resources today... which is the eve of my 5 year anniversary on these boards. To quote a favorite robot: "time is an illusion that helps things make sense"
    Created a bunch of new resources I'll be sharing soon, but stuck in the dreaded "let me just change this one thing first" phase. When I break the loop, though, expect some fun new sprites, SV battlers and .... *drumroll* face sets!
    opening old GIMP files is a blessing and a curse because it can be fun to look at art you started once upon a time and want to finish BUT come to a total halt when you remember your past self forgot to create separate layers for most files
    Sending love to the RPGMaker community! Haven’t been here in a minute due to life stuff but happy to see everyone doing their beautiful things!
    Life got pretty intense recently. On the boards less for the time being, my apologies to all. I'll be back full-force ASAP!
    I'm constantly impressed with how many people on these boards don't speak English fluently and yet write better than English speakers I know
    Me too. I feel like such a dunce in comparison, only knowing one language. I try to let it inspire me to try harder at language studies.
    Couldn't agree more @Sharm ! I downloaded DuoLingo in January and started learning Spanish but it is really a long process and I feel like three months still has me limited to 'Si'
    I have been actively trying to learn Japanese for over ten years. I still don't have the basic alphabet down. I don't know if I should give up and switch to something easier or if I should keep trying and hope for a breakthrough. Either way I think it's clear that I'm completely useless at language.
    Finished my first workshop request and excited to tackle more! BWA HA H--, oh you get the idea.
    Feel like "Weird Warehouse" doesn't do justice to my resources anymore. I need to rename ... or make weirder resources?
    Duude you're in theatre? Are you up for a screenplay discussion? :kaopride:
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    Man theatre was my life upto college and I am itching to talk about it with someone. Should we take it in PM? Discord?
    PM might be best, at the moment I'm actually writing articles for one of my writing jobs so I'm on the boards at an inconsistent pace (I keep sneaking back when I need a break from the grind) but theatre is something I can talk about endlessly so I'll be itching to respond ASAP :D
    PM sent and this is gonna be so awesome!
    Made a sv_actor for the People2_1 dancer lady for MV! Pretty proud of this one. :D Shared it in my resources post for those interested!
    My 'what the RTP is missing' resource is coming along. Should be ready to share in the next day or so. Hint: sometimes you gotta dance.
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Worked on some face-sets. Need to finish up the lot and cut some out of the game. She's looking pretty cute.
Even though I'm not going for the first time in...ten years or something...ordered my Gen Con dice!
Will be focusing on map making today and adding locked chests :LZSsmile:Screenshot 2021-09-16 095316.png
It's hard to stay consistent for at least a week
new enemies for the game I'm working on...

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