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  1. False Swipe Attack Formula?

    Thanks, I'll save that formula too
  2. False Swipe Attack Formula?

    I tested it and it works!!!! Thank you very much.
  3. False Swipe Attack Formula?

    I have a doubt, I want to make an attack with a "False Swipe" style, this attack will deal fixed damage (150 for example), but if that skill will kill the opponent it let it with 1 HP instead. I was trying to lurk for a damage formula, but I didn't found it. Thank you
  4. Remove all the party members but the main character.

    Thank you very much. I'll apply those script call.
  5. Remove all the party members but the main character.

    Hi again, I have a doubt. It's possible to make a common event that remove all the characters leaving just a specific actor?. For example: We have a system that let you customize your party, so the actors that follows you will be always different dependin on the player. But during an event we...
  6. My common event doesn't do what suppose to do

    I found the bug (kinda), I tested turning off all the plugins but the "community_basic" one and the thing was still happening, i was thinking the only thing different between the map event and the common event was the switch. The switch was on the 19º place, I changed it to the 2º slot and the...
  7. My common event doesn't do what suppose to do

    The problem with a plugin using the variable is that if I use the same script as a regular map event (Adding the event to the map as a parallel process) that event work as it intended, so I'm not sure if that's the case. However if I trigger the common event (of course without the map event) the...
  8. My common event doesn't do what suppose to do

    Hi, I'm trying to implement a "day/night" system so I checked how to do it, however I don't want it to trigger while I'm doing anything or talking with a NPC so I wanted to use the "steps" game data so everytime the character walks a new minute is added to the proper variable. Well, this is the...

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