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  • Does anyone think I should change my display name? I usually go by Palsa online, and use Metalraptor as a backup.
    Up to you. A forum name is just a name and you're free to change it on a whim. However, with that said, unless people really know you, they won't know it's you anymore, so that's something to ponder.
    I just made some sword graphics, it can probably be used in a title screen, but I don't have any particular need for it, so I posted it in my resources thread, feel free to use.
    Over Christmas I've been taking a break from working on the portraits for my game, now that New Years is past I'm looking at getting back to that.
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After 3 and half months of my first long term game being playtested it is now in a more polished state. Now I proudly re-present Path of the Martyrs!
I am feeling better about my update schedule, I feel like I am actually getting consistent work done even if it isn’t big updates.
It's a joy to work on a well-made map. I am not regretting this commission in the least!
I'm currently being attacked by the RPG Maker Hydra: fixing one problem only to have two more rise to take its place.
Hey you! Yeah YOU! Whatcha doin' not backing up your projects? You a masochist or sumthin'? GO BACK UP YOUR PROJECTS! Sheeesh... Didn't think I'd hafta spell it out for yas.

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