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  • Does anyone think I should change my display name? I usually go by Palsa online, and use Metalraptor as a backup.
    Up to you. A forum name is just a name and you're free to change it on a whim. However, with that said, unless people really know you, they won't know it's you anymore, so that's something to ponder.
    I just made some sword graphics, it can probably be used in a title screen, but I don't have any particular need for it, so I posted it in my resources thread, feel free to use.
    Over Christmas I've been taking a break from working on the portraits for my game, now that New Years is past I'm looking at getting back to that.
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My plan after learning to make my voice girly "Wow! You sounds cute!" "But actually I'm a man!" "Nooooo!!!" hehehe...
I get haunted from bugs that emit a terrible stench after being killed.
At first, I was going to put player objectives on the screen labeling it as "Helpful voices"... But that's dumb, I have a madness system. It will simply whisper objectives.... I mean they're probably objectives. The voices wouldn't lie right? They're friendly, and ...helpful. So clearly you should do what they say. Just watch the dark corners of your screen for advice and it will all work out! :LZSexcite:
Take care of your immune system: Go to sleep. If you looked at the clock an hour ago or four and it was way late then maybe now is the time. Mmm sleep...

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