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    RM2k/3 Haphazard - 1-bit RPG Game (In development)

    Thanks! I love RPG Maker 2003, I've been using it from time to time since my childhood! I know it has its limitations, but it's good enough for what I want to do! Thanks Amy! I do like to the challenge of limitations! I've always loved 8-bit graphics and music because of that, and definitely...
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    RM2k/3 Haphazard - 1-bit RPG Game (In development)

    Hi Riazey, thanks, I'm glad you like it! Right now I'm not sure about the average playtime, because the game it's still in early development. But I think it'll be around 30-45 minutes per level... The thing is, I'm not sure if I'm going to make 10 levels or less. I'll decide this after I've...
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    RM2k/3 Haphazard - 1-bit RPG Game (In development)

    Hello there! I'm Paltian. I'm working on a little 1-bit rpg game called "Haphazard": Gameplay. The game idea is that you have to explore up to 10 levels, until facing the final boss. There's no level upgrade like classic rpgs, but you can improve your stats with objects and equipment. The...

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