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    God this 140 character limit is annoying. My game title is called Brighter Days. That's all, Buh-bye.
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    However, you can then add a comment with a much larger character limit. You would not, then, have needed to post a new Update with the link. Which, btw, also means you would not have used up your 2 new Updates per 24 hours in less than an hour.
    I like the name.
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If it gets 6 degrees hotter we've reach 100
I am finally done making the 'superbosses' in my game!
I'm happy because oh my gosh they were a lot of work, but I'm also sad because I love database work... And also because I loved making stupid powerful bosses ._.
Question for anyone who reads Slip into Ruby or Jump into Javascript: do I sometimes get too "explainy" with the methods/functions? Would it be more useful if I stuck to explaining what the code is doing rather than also delving into minutiae of the technical side of it?
That moment when you try to figure out a color scheme for an alien ship so that it's something other than "Grey on Grey".
It's up for viewing! See what happened when EquestriAlert got tested in 1997... or was it a test? Did somepony hack the system? Or did somepony push the wrong switch? Even Adagio Dazzle (the owner of the channel) has no clue.

Can you put the pieces together? Don't worry, the game isn't over yet! There's more pieces to add on!

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