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    Bokou's Freesources - Added Gothic Tileset

    Hey man, just thought I dropped by and let you know that I made an edit of one your edits. :>  I wanted a more feminine shaped masked, so I had to remake the face file from scratch, but I did use the SV and TV files and recolored them a bit. I've also posted this on my own thread, and credited...
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    .:Panda's Resources:.

    .: P A N D A   M A N ' S   R E S O U R C E S :. Hmm. I never expected to ever start a resource thread. Call me surprised, but wow. I'm just on a borderline of disbelief and excitement. These are simply resources I was forced to make in order to expand my projects, therefore it might be useful...
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    Cant change profile pic...

    Same problem happened to me once, so I tried downloading the photo in say, photobucket or something and used the image link as another way for my picture to upload.  So if you had a problem with uploading it from your computer, try uploading it from the internet?  I hope this helps.
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    Variable Gauges

    Alright, I'm surprised that they're is absolutely no scripts on this. Maybe there is, but so far, my hours searching for java script material doesn't necessarily equate to success in the end. Anyway, I'm Nyu, nice to meet you. I sincerely thank you for looking at my request. You don't know how...
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    Choice Menu Screen Tints as Well with the Map.

    Oh wow, that did the trick. I set it to 90, and now it completely matches the window message. 
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    Choice Menu Screen Tints as Well with the Map.

    Hi there, don't know if this is the right thread, and excuse me if it isn't. I'm just experimenting with RPG Maker and I realize that I have a particular problem with how it works. Though I am using Khas' Awesome Light Effects script, I realize that this is a problem in just regularly tinting...
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    Sprite graphics are too large. (+ link to an awesome rpg material distributor)

    Thank you guys so much! ^_^  I didn't realize it was so simple. 
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    Sprite graphics are too large. (+ link to an awesome rpg material distributor)

    As the title says, I have a problem with a 150 x 256 sprite image. A big portion of the sprites given in the page are like that too. Is it perhaps it was made for another program? I tried to re size it myself, but then I began to realize that it loses it's quality when I do so. Is it possible...

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