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Jun 13, 2017
Oct 7, 2012
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Jun 27, 1985 (Age: 33)

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little red panda, Female, 33, from Germany


I'm sorry. I have planed to release a litte valentins day resource pack, but I coudln't finish my work. I'm ill. Feb 14, 2017

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Jun 13, 2017
    1. Bex
      Tut mir leid das ich 2012 so ein kindisches unhöfliches uneinsichtiges Rotzbalk war. Ich wusste es einfach nicht besser und war sehr Emotional gesteuert(Das war im RPG Studio und später bei Schnecke im Forum). Du hast fantastische Referenzen erarbeitet, ich wünsche dir alles Gute, du scheinst es es dir verdient zu haben.
      1. slimmmeiske2
        @Bex This is an English forum, so please do not post in anything other than English. You can speak German in PM, if you really want to as those are private conversations.
        Sep 25, 2018
    2. Harrumi
      I know you haven't been active for a bit, but I just wanted to express my gratefulness to all your amazing work. Also, for letting people freely use it! I hope whatever you're doing, you're doing well. :)
      1. Wavelength
        Yeah! For whenever you see this, Maru, your sprite art (as well as your other resources) is amazing, and I hope you're as proud of it as the community is!
        Feb 7, 2018
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    3. a noble wolf
      a noble wolf

      I wish to ask you permission to use an tree auto-tile that I made from your assets. I am unable to post the image with this post.
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      2. taarna23
        Requests like this are better done via PM than as a public status update.
        Sep 2, 2017
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    4. Avery
    5. trexmaster8242
      How were you able to put a person behind one of your market place tile sets. For me, the npc stands on the table instead of behind it?
      1. djDarkX
        That was done in an image editor or by setting up the tiles properly in the game editor.
        Jun 27, 2017
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      2. Engr. Adiktuzmiko
        Engr. Adiktuzmiko
        Either do it on an image editor, meaning the sprite is part of the tile. Or Make sure the table is set to "star" passability so that characters go "under" it.
        Jun 27, 2017
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    6. PandaMaru
      I'm sorry. I have planed to release a litte valentins day resource pack, but I coudln't finish my work. I'm ill.
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      3. Andronius
        Panda get well soon! T-T WE MISS YOU!
        Apr 12, 2017
      4. amaranth
        *sends a mug of hot tea and a hug*
        Apr 25, 2017
      5. Maidlyn
        Get well soon! *hugs*
        Aug 14, 2017
    7. Scalperhero
      Can we not get a hold of you anymore?
      1. mlogan
        No, she's not available right now. If you're trying to get in touch with her about commercial rights, she gave permission for them to be used commercially. It's at the end of her topic.
        Jan 5, 2017
      2. Wookiee420
        I talked to her last night, and asked for permission to doodadify her stuff, which she gives all permission for, and she reiterated that commercial and non are free to use

        from RedPandaMaru sent 2 hours ago

        Yanfly's doodads

        Hey :) My new terms are: free for non- and commercial projects. Credits are all I want. I'm always happy if someone send me some screenshots of his project using my tiles. ^ I LOVE to see them used.

        Whoever want to use my tiles with Yanfly's Plugin is free to do so. :)
        Jan 9, 2017
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    8. Marushia
      *----* Nice stuff, really ^.^
    9. PandaMaru
      Hm, what tile should I start today... D: Suggestions?
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      2. Kyuukon
        Bathroom tiles! xD
        Jan 5, 2016
      3. Jomarcenter
        Something that isn't made yet even on VX Ace...
        Jan 5, 2016
      4. vallhal
        I hope for the harbor and egypt tiles *smile*.
        Jan 6, 2016
    10. nio kasgami
      nio kasgami
      1. PandaMaru
        Sweet. Do you make busts for the characters?
        Dec 30, 2015
      2. nio kasgami
        nio kasgami
        Yeah I make bust for the character :D
        Dec 30, 2015
    11. PandaMaru
      Wish fullfilled: bigger MV horse animated - now I'm failing to put that saddle on front and back pose =_='
      1. nio kasgami
        nio kasgami
        *pats panda* you can do it work hard!
        Dec 28, 2015
    12. nio kasgami
      nio kasgami
      awww I am sad you don't have twitter I can't show you my restaff participation :C #sad
    13. PandaMaru
      *fighting over an hour with a knot her son make with kitestring*
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      2. UNphiltered_khaos
        :( good luck undoing it quickly....I thought it was a stick with string wrapped around it, not a ball.
        Dec 19, 2015
      3. taarna23
        I think Panda meant the 10m of string turned into a knotted ball mess.
        Dec 19, 2015
      4. UNphiltered_khaos
        *face palm* you're probably right...
        Dec 19, 2015
    14. PandaMaru
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      2. GrandmaDeb
        so much fun!
        Dec 10, 2015
      3. Celianna
        Real cute!
        Dec 10, 2015
      4. AwesomeCool
        I like it.

        Too bad it uses rtp so the game has no choice but to be trash though /s
        Dec 10, 2015
    15. PandaMaru
      +.+ I definitly overworked myself today. I'm soon sitting 9h straight on the resource for my advent calendar.
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      2. Mihel
        Thanks a lot Maru! Your works are such a great addition.

        *casts Curaga on PandaMaru*
        Dec 9, 2015
      3. EternalShadow
        Go rest o_o
        Dec 9, 2015
      4. Lunarea
        Maru, take care of yourself! You don't want to work so hard that you burn out...
        Dec 9, 2015
    16. PandaMaru
      After that huge market tileset today I think I will only have some small things for tomorrow. Hope you all have a nice day!
      1. nio kasgami
        nio kasgami
        it's fine maru we are all happy you are finally back <3
        Dec 6, 2015
    17. PandaMaru
      What's your favorite fairytale?
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      2. Vox Novus
        Vox Novus
        Well I'm working on a jack and the beanstalk game now so I suppose I should say that. The Japanese have some really neat ones to though such as Momotaro.
        Dec 3, 2015
      3. Sharm
        I have a soft spot for Cinderella. Not original, I know, but it's a classic for a reason.
        Dec 4, 2015
      4. Ghost of Christmas Kloe
        Ghost of Christmas Kloe
        The Little Seagull! I love that story!
        Dec 4, 2015
    18. PandaMaru
      Wonderfull... what a start in the day... laptop crushes with bluescreen and take the work of the morning with it. Beautiful.
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      2. djDarkX
        I feel for ya, PandaMaru. I lost over 10 years of work and information when I had my dual hard drive crash a few months ago. Still kinda crushed about it since I had stuff on those drives that dated back to 1999, when I was still in high

        gl buddy!
        Dec 1, 2015
      3. djDarkX
        *15 years ago, not 10.
        Dec 1, 2015
      4. PandaMaru
        Aw, I know that too. :/ Lost 2 external hard drives in the last years and all that stuff from my early rm years, like my first big XP project and a lot of resources.
        Dec 1, 2015
    19. PandaMaru
      @__@ running out of time... tick, tack < that's all my head telling me > tick, tack
    20. nio kasgami
      nio kasgami
      in a ways I like the new possibility of MV sprite...but I don't honestly really like MV sprite eyes :/
      1. PandaMaru
        I don't like the balloon heads. ^^ The eyes are ok but sooo big.
        Nov 9, 2015
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