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    ButtonSet.png not working in game.

    My pc - docuemtns-rpgmaker-Gamename My rpgmaker is located on D/ programfiles 86/ steam
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    ButtonSet.png not working in game.

    Thing is, ive had this issue WITH ALL my project I have opened up. all of them experience this problem. I haven't touched that plugin other then turn it on and off. Im really not good with Plugin scripting and such so I do not dare to touch it. SO I made a new map. and its working.. I really...
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    ButtonSet.png not working in game.

    How funny, I have tired to make several new games, before I turned to Forum for help. But I can try do it again and then see. BEcause it is really wierd. As for now, the Buttons NEVER show up, if they do, its a ONCE in a life time. And then they are gone. Ill go create a new game now to see...
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    ButtonSet.png not working in game.

    First time you go to the shop, no buttons, even when its loaded with lots of items. when you just go back once and go back the buttons show up. 1) I've tried to turn off and on all Plugins to see if that had any effect. andcurrently i found out IT MIGHT be the LNT window popiup. But Then I...
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    ButtonSet.png not working in game.

    This is just, that They showed up quite random, so I thought that were meant to be there as in part of the shop and all. because on the exact pictures you see there is none, so I needed to get confirmation if they ALWAYS were supposed to be there or not. Since Ihave never seen the buttons...
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    ButtonSet.png not working in game.

    can anyone help me? I just want to confrim if ANYONE have enountered BUTTONS in the game, like when you open the shop menu, I sometimes get 5 buttons that shows up, 1x << 1x < 1x > 1x >> And 1x Confirm button, check button I wnat to know if ANYONE have seen these buttons at hte shop ever...
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    Generator parts

    Hwo do i delete this, i found out that I had to do it in steam... My bad!
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    Generator parts

    I'm not sure where to post this but here goes. I've tried to add a pair of eyes made by "Mon" but my RPG mv generator doesn't use it in-game, even if I've given the eyes names of30. (I've got DLC eyes on too) Idk if the DLC eyes are blocking the actual eyes, and if they are is there a way to...
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    Ah okay! i have misunderstodd what people were saying then, my bad!
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    It only affects them one at the time, i wanted the baloons to be able to run at the same time, so 4 people have a baloon icon above thier head.
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    hum.. I wanted it to be 4 with a "angry" baloon on, but then they go 1..2..3..4 and over... and i would like them to do it in one go? i know that is not what the picture shows.
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    Hey i'm having trouble making the Balloon icons work. I've tried: Making the event auto run Making the event paralel tried to call a common event. made the balloon icon on wait ( this works) but it dosen't have the intended effect i wanted. I did try turn off ALL plugins as well, but this...
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    Yan fly and Gavl Plugin

    I'm having trouble making two Plugins work. and Yanflys plugin overwrites Galvs. I can't make them work together. I tried to move Galvs plugin to 1st place, but it...
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    Chalkdust Resources

    how do you add a picture in the "spoiler " part?
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    Anyone know creator?

    I got some tilesets, that I'm not sure who made. I don't know if they are free or not. I've tried search like crazy to find the creator of these, please If it is you, I want to know if they are free or not. :)

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