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  • ...Damn it has been a hot minute since I was here. How y'all doing, how's life been?
    Well, since you've been gone, let's see, I joined, so that is probably the most exciting thing! HA!

    Welcome back!
    Been a while since I've been here, whoops. My computer's been acting really stupid so I wasn't able to work on my projects, but the good news is I've got a new one, meaning I can get back to work. And I've got a nice idea in mind, I'll just need to find some good scripts for the Aesthetic.

    So far so good on the layout and the tileset! It still needs work but I'll hopefully have that all figured out soon-ish. The hardest part is going to be the tree because I really, really wanna use that tree.
    When you've been staring at colors so long that you can't remember whether or not there were four values or six on a certain tile...
    Part 2 of that project: graphics. Namely, editing Time Fantasy tiles to suit my needs. Hoping for the best here.
    What do you need to do?
    @RainbowGrenade Just piecing together the sets and then unifying the colors, mainly. The problem is that my folders are horrifically disorganized so it's a lot of guesswork as to which ones go with what...
    I did some minor edits on those tiles. I'll see if I can find what I changed and send them to you if you want them.
    Decided to try a bit of a different project--one that uses very few external scripts and maintains a 'retro' feel, with all of the editing done by modifying the in-engine scripts. So far I've managed to get the menus to look the way I want; since there's no combat there's no need to worry about that stuff.

    Go me.
    You don't mean you're straight up editing the rpg_x.js files right?
    @Sigony It's VXA so it's Ruby scripts. I do have a vanilla backup of everything just in case I screw something up, but so far it's holding together well enough.
    I'm not too familiar with VXA, but in MV you could overwrite/alias any vanilla functions in a separate file, which helps you keep track of feature sets and what exactly you've changed.
    The curse of retail: you get ideas, you want to make something with those ideas, but because you're always at friggin' work you can't actually do anything with them.
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World building was one of the main reasons i got in to game dev, but geeez, it eats up the time... This is a WIP from today before i call it a night.. maybe 80% finished.
Wohoo, its finished. It took some time but slowly I get used to this retro 90s anime style.
Now I just have to finish the other 37 frames. for the first dialogue... oh lord, what have I done :LZSlol:
(and if you are confused: yes, I place various eastereggs about other great cyberpunk games/videos/books that I like in my game ;) )
Has anyone watched the movie "Tiny Toons: How I Spent My Summer Vacation"? It is a cartoon and it is freaking hilarious. We watched that movie so many times when our kids were growing up. Thankfully it has a lot of adult humor to keep the adults entertained that the kids don't really get.
Here's some more weapon icons for the Wastes I've finished recently. Some are mine, some are icons that @Ninjakillzu originally made (the AK variants, the Thompson, the Glock, the M16 variants), but edited by me with permission.
Still working on balance issues for my almost-out Cube Trail demo... Boss balance is no joke.

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