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    Gameus' Quest System

    It it possible to make it show Yanfly's Gold Icon instead of G for gold?
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    Art, Literature, and Music. It was a post talking about the free webcomic that I write. Not...

    Art, Literature, and Music. It was a post talking about the free webcomic that I write. Not that it had any posts besides mine, but deletion without notification concerns me.
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    Why did my webcomic thread get deleted? o.0

    Why did my webcomic thread get deleted? o.0
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    Confining Menu Size

    Did a quick search for this and found nothing, so here it goes. Looking for a plugin that can control the size of any pop up menus out of battle. Most of MVs default menus and a lot of the menu plugins are being made for the default resolution of 816x624. When you decide to run the game at...
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    Gameus' Quest System

    I'd say make it configurable to show up to n steps, where the default is 1, and let the user set however many. I say this because while on the default resolution it may only look like 3 at most, I know many people are running at 1280x720 and not many plugin menus have been made with this scaling...
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    Ellye's ATB (also includes CTB option)

    Yeah, djDarkX pointed it out to me. This makes the menu come back for me at least. Mellye, as this is the one easily self-fixable compatibility issue people seem to keep having, may I suggest sticking it somewhere within the first post?
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    Ellye's ATB (also includes CTB option)

    Are you using Yanfly's Battle Core?
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    Ellye's ATB (also includes CTB option)

    I informed them via the comments on their site and it's now been removed. Still, we now know it's coming. From what I can tell though, it's likely to have very different features than what Ellye's building. I may still prefer this one.
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    Ellye's ATB (also includes CTB option)

    Can confirm. I'm sure this is an accident, as it's not been officially released. But interesting nonetheless.
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    What is your favorite anime?

    Dragon Ball Z and Gurren Lagann are my top two. But I like, and have seen, a lot of different anime. FMA: Brotherhood is some top-notch stuff.
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    Gameus' Quest System

    I'm so excited for this plugin. I can't wait to implelment it into my game in progess. ^.^
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    Ellye's ATB (also includes CTB option)

    Awww yeah. Thanks a ton. This has been an awesome day for plugin updates. Most of the issues I had last night are already solved. :D
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    Prettier Gauges

    I had been actually, but your bar height was overriding Yanfly's. With the new update though, I just plugged in the height and fixed everything! Thank you very much for such a great plugin!
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    Ellye's ATB (also includes CTB option)

    I can't get the Fight/Escape menu working. It seems to be caused by Yanfly's BattleCore plugin. Having your plugin loads first only causes it to stop working entirely. Also, unsure if you fixed the guard ending on another characters turn or not, but it's an issue in my tests at least. Could be...
  15. PanoramicPanda

    Prettier Gauges

    I can't seem to get this working with the thicker gauges that Yanfly's plugins make. Anyone know how to get it working, or should I just wait and see if eventually there is a compatibility patch from one or the other.

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