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  • I am considering making a tutorial post for people whose programming skills have gotten a little Rusty...
    I'm making my procedural terrain generation utility more object oriented (would that make it object oriented terrain generation?). I haven't updated the stuff that allows it to be used with RMVXA games other than a few minor changes to make it compatible with the latest updates.
    Exception thrown at 0x7787AF35 (mfc140u.dll) in Game.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation writing location 0x000001C8.
    Please ask for help in the forum.
    There is a Technical Issues forum that covers all versions of the engine.
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Have you appreciated a Hedgehog today?

Storybook Hero demo has been well received so far. Yay! We are developing it steadily albeit slowly <_<. We will get there one day o_O.
TFW: You get a text from someone and a long conversation--but you have no idea who this person is and don't wanna be that guy that asks "Who is this by the way?" I have no clue who this person is... but they seem to know me quite well. :rswt
You know, after all these years of using RM I've never played To The Moon. With being busy with life and then after my mom died I was too emotionally fragile to play something that heavy. Has anyone played the Switch version? Is there any big differences between that and the RM version?
Today I finished my Lets Play. Gonna have the videos scheduled for daily uploads now. Woo I finished something ^^

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