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  • I've found my RPG 2003 lost-in-time stuff!!! When I was younger I loved RPG Maker 2003 and wanted to make a game out of it! But when i changed PCs i forget the assets over the elder PC!!
    A lot of things going on, started some game designs: one secret project that is not legal to say here, one mystical project and of course WoP and GAN.
    Change of gears, WoP is still on going, GAN would be for a long future. Personal issues and studies keep going, HOWEVER, i recognised I started WoP badly and i needed to start from scratch from tilesetting!! Happy RPG Making Everyone!!!
    My 2 projects are currently struggling... mostly personal issues and studies. As already mention, World of Persona first and if it goes well, GAN. However, lack of art skills would be critical... mostly on sprites. How about copying revelations: persona sprite style in 2D? I believe that's viable. Any game that does that in non isometric view as in rpg maker? I will post this as question in the future... but where?
    Only 2 projects ongoing, but not quite started yet: World of Persona (you know how it would go by the name) and GAN.
    First one would be kinda of a Persona game, (but international not only Japanese!!!), and the other one is just for Spain (at first) (because it needs to be done for each country after all, it's an all-branches educational game)
    As far as i can finish World of Persona, it means GAN is viable.
    Next Step is going to be Ph.D.
    I am currently playing Persona 4 Golden on Steam and it is truly marvelous (First time, as i've only played with Nintendo consoles). I wanna make my games in a kind of Persona's way...
    Currently studying for a Mathematical Physics exam and working on my Master Thesis of Science of Materials...
    GAN had been step away for a while...
    I didn't knew till I played it that PERSONA games school life are very very similar of what i am looking for with GAN game. I should start writing the pdfs when i finish all that i am gathering, and also, i should make a plugin in order to control the pdfs!!!
    Just broken...
    And how is this that people don't answer questions?
    They can't if they don't have the answer...
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    Most of us are not Degica employees, just other users like yourself. We're not obligated to answer your questions. That being said, you posted one thread in a sub-forum I've never even heard of. And your latest one is about a plugin, which means you need to hope another nice user with that plugin will solve your problem. :LZSwink:
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    Maybe this is only for the summer ;( It's been a while i had been over there...
    Today it's my day and I would make another personal unique game for my girlfriend, (only for her this time) 'coz she loves mistery!!!
    Both The Mercenary and GAN would be done in the future... But now, let's do a personal unique game for my girlfriend and her sisters
    Change the name of BNS to GAN. Second name fits both in Spanish and English
    Perfect!!! The point is to use wisely I finally can conquer the world!!! HA HA HAAAAAA:kaopride:
    Oh come on! There are some threads that have to been reviewed to not to necroposting....
    The OP can always post regardless and script and resource and project threads are an exception
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