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    Critical Failure/Misfired Systems...

    I think that it's not possible without using plugins. You could use Yanfly's Action Sequences, but even so you should work with codes and stuff like that.
  2. Parlu10

    Bug when characters join battle

    I know that one of Yanfly's Plugins is probably causing the problem, however understanding what it is and replacing it would take a lot more time (that I don't really have during this period) than just using the script call method. That's why I think that's fine for now. Thank you anyway for...
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    Bug when characters join battle

    I've been able to solve the problem by using a script call: $gameParty.swapOrder(0, $gameParty.members().length - 1) Do i have to notify someone to close the discussion?
  4. Parlu10

    Bug when characters join battle

    I changed the order but that didn't fix the problem T.T When I turn off all the plugins I don't have the problem. However, I noticed that the issue occurs whenever I add the first character in the event before the battle, because he's not placed in the first slot of the party, but in the second...
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    What did these things do in the Character Generator?

    Maybe it doesn't appear because you didn't put anything in the "Variation" Folder. The "p" just defines the position of the piece in the generator, and it's used to identify it. I don't actually know what "c" and "m" stand for; but I suppose they are related to layers or things like that.
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    Bug when characters join battle

    No, it's 4 like the default party size.
  7. Parlu10

    Bug when characters join battle

    This is the event; I just used "Change Party Member" to add the two characters in the middle of the fight. These are all the plugins I use. They never gave me any problem anyway; and if they did I managed to solve them anyway. I don't think is problem of the plugins though
  8. Parlu10

    Bug when characters join battle

    For the combat system, I use Yanfly's plugins, more specifically the STB battle system. Instead for the invocation I didn't use any plugins, I just added the two characters using "Change Party Member" in a battle event.
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    Bug when characters join battle

    Hi everyone, I'm writing you because I found a bug that I don't know how to fix: During a particular battle, the player initially uses just one character, however during the battle two other characters join to help him. However, when they join the battle, this happens: Anyone know how this can...
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    RMMV "Synchronize" Ability

    Hi there! Sorry to bother you, but I wanted to ask you if you had come up with the notetag yet. Thanks in advance!
  11. Parlu10

    RMMV "Synchronize" Ability

    Thank you for your help, but it doesn't seem to work because the enemy is not affected by the new states; Also, the animation of the state doesn't play on the actor who is affected by that state.
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    RMMV "Synchronize" Ability

    Yes, I have those plugins
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    RMMV "Synchronize" Ability

    Hi everyone, I was trying to make a passive ability, also using Yanfly's Plugins, that would work like "Synchronize" in pokemon: whenever the user has a negative status, they transmit it to their enemies; in my case, I want them to transfer it to a random target. However I don't really...
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    A notetag that makes a skill not gain TPs.

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is, in one of yanfly's plugin, a notetag that makes a skill not gain TPs despite what kind of TP mode you activated. I kinda remember a notetag like that, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks in advance to those who will try to help. P. S. The...
  15. Parlu10

    Problem with adding new character in game

    Thank you very much for your help! I guess the save file I was using was older than I thought, however, at least I've understood why it wasn't working.

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