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  1. ICF-Soft Params Core

    Sorry, meant to update my comment again. I noticed the underlying issue and contacted the developer. I had downloaded an older version of the plugin, the current version has this fixed. He went ahead and updated the bad link I had used.
  2. ICF-Soft Params Core

    Hello, I'm running into some trouble here. Sorry I'm completely new at this. I'm using the MZ version of the plugin. I've created a CPARAM called AP (Armor Points). The concept is that enemies will have armor points that you can damage to break their defense. I'm wanting to add the AP param to...
  3. Fae Rebirth

    Hi there! Just as a foreword: I'm new to RPGMaker and the community here. I actually have yet to make an intro post! I downloaded the demo a few days ago and played it in short bursts over about 3 days. Sorry I kinda rushed into it and didn't write down stuff as I played, so this is kinda going...
  4. Damage Popups

    Hello, sorry I haven't made an introductory post yet, but this topic just caught my eye! In addition to damage number popups giving some useful information, they also convey another important element of RPGs: Growth! You start the game doing small numbers of damage, and end it doing large...

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