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  • Don't want to do parallax... but... maybe I need it...
    honestly at first I just want to do another generic jrpg h game…
    because that will not much time consuming
    so the default tileset is ok
    it quick and effective
    but as much as I put time in it I just want to polish it more and more…
    and here we go again do parallax ugh…
    I just feel Aerith don’t deserve this?
    well… not that put her in a H game is what she deserves :hswt:
    Honestly, I'm sure not everybody should do parallaxes.
    Why would you need parallaxes on your actual map ?
    I see a some mistakes, but nothing related to overlays.
    just… don’t like it…
    I want a slum junk yard
    basically because I’m an artist
    so normal map feel not satisfied just like that…
    and my game more of a side scrolling action game
    so maybe do parralax is not that bad Idea
    how to make small eyes so cute like that... ah... I give up...
    and I just rant out about what I'm not actually want to do...sorry...haha
    I try realistic thing long ago but it's not suited me
    I don't have the talent or the will to do it
    when I try something I don't like it like there a tall wall popping out of nowhere -.....-
    That's fair. You're still way better at drawing people than I'll ever be. I'm a scenery/design artist, people.. Well... er... um... We just don't talk about those malformed monstrosities I drew. :kaoswt:
    actually I think a meme character like your is some kind of real talent
    it is easy to think how to draw a pretty character(the outcome is the other thing)
    but with the unique one
    That have a real design work to do!
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So, the other day i come across to became closer to other developers and realiza im not even a novice. i am lower than thrash rigth now, worse than people that don´t know anything about this things cause i used to think i knew. good news is; today thrash, tommorrow, maybe not so much, and someday, i´ll be a god?
Ahh, end of the day stinky feet, fresh out of the boots. Smells like a job well done. Seriously, I have to rinse my feet when I get home, or it's not fair to my wife.
Stream will be live shortly with some pixel art! Feel free to drop by!

Can't believe I forgot to put an image of my drawing pad! It looks kinda like this, maybe I'll get a better pic tomorrow...
Backup tip: If you don't want to back up your whole project every day, at least back up everything *except* your Image and Audio folders, which you can do weekly/as needed/etc.

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