My twitter is @_Pauzh_, my steam is Sassy, and I'm trying to make the horror RPG of my dreams.
I'm putting a lot of work into it and trying to learn how RPG Maker MV works. I'm good at
game design, sounds, music, but I need help with a story, the graphics and some other stuff.
My hope is that it works like I dream it does and at least have my favorite Youtuber; Nitro Rad at least
play it. Not make a video (although if he did i'd die) just play it and give me feedback and criticism.

I aim to make a survival horror in the vein of silent hill and classic resident evil.
Theres a lot im not good at (java script, using variables, stuff like that) and I'd appreciate anyone that
would help me better understand it.
Sep 29, 2000 (Age: 23)
About Me
I'm 18, I love survival horror, and I make music
First Language
Primarily Uses
Horror and Story
I work at my dad's body shop, hope to be a welder


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What the heck is happening in A Christmas Story that requires Perla to swing a Tree?
(Hehe, i'm working on the battle sprites and i did this so i wanted to share)
I have some more lovely nightmare fuel for ya'll:


This is the second phase of the Manor Experiment boss enemy that I shared before. In this phase, it is possessed by Cerebellum, one of the four eldritch horror villains of the game.
And with that all the in game menu busts are replaced fo the party
The full artwork versions of all of them can be found on my tumblr, linked as my bio website
Just search Menu Status in the search bar

(since they're pretty big I wasn't going to post the artwork versions here)
Screenshot (19).png
I don't remember if a plugin like this already existed, but just in case, I'll do it anyway.

Add a professional touch to your game by requiring users to accept the typical license agreement that obviously no one reads, but it doesn't matter xd

And yes, you must get to the bottom of the text for the Accept button to be enabled, otherwise it makes no sense haha
It would be kind of brutal, but I lowkey want to add in a secret boss battle against a literal bucket, just so that if you use the kick attack on it, it says "[character] kicks the bucket," and drops you down to like 1 HP.

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