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    RNG in events?

    I'm making a game similar to Oregon Trail, i'm wondering if theres any way to do random number generators to randomly pick an event (loosing a wagon part, getting injured)? It would also be good if the chance can be altered depending on a variable or something. thanks if you can help
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    It is incompatible with Olivia's Horror Effects plugin. A shame, having tv noise effects along with this would make good for survival horror games.
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    Changing animation frame resolution

    What i want to do is have this image show up as 1 frame when making animations. My goal is to make the games combat look like its in first person.
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    Changing animation frame resolution

    I'm trying to make animations that give the appearance of being in first person in battle. I need to know if there is a way to change the resolution of the frames so the pictures will fit without being divided into small parts.
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    Increasing size of item icons

    Is it possible to make the icon sizes bigger? I know I would probably have to change code in the window script, but I want my icons to have more detail. Or would it be easier to pay for a custom script to do this? Any helpful answers are appreciated.
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    Skill only active when weapon is equipt
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    Skill only active when weapon is equipt

    The plugin is Quasi ABS
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    Skill only active when weapon is equipt

    The way the ABS works is in the plugin manager, you set up a skill button. I use the ok button (enter) and thats supposed to shoot the gun if it has ammo
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    Skill only active when weapon is equipt

    That didnt seem to do anything
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    Skill only active when weapon is equipt

    Which option should I select for that?
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    Skill only active when weapon is equipt

    So i'm working with QBS and my game has a few diffrent guns in it. Each weapon has a corresponding skill, I want to make it so the skill for the weapon is only active when the gun is equipped. If you need more info about it just ask, thanks. Also, sorry for the t on equip in the title, pressed...
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    RMMV Nightmare of Mine (unfinished demo)

    I feel that I cant bring anything impressive or different with my game, not sure if I'll work on it again or not. Maybe if it the demo gets decent reception.
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    RMMV Nightmare of Mine (unfinished demo)

    (Just a place holder name, couldn't come up with anything else to call it) This is a game that has been worked on from ‎Sunday, ‎August ‎5, ‎2018, ‏‎5:02:05 PM to January ‎19, ‎2019 This has been a passion project fuled by my favorite Survival horror games (Silent hill 1-3 as an example)...
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    Map item

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    Map item

    I apologize for how I made this thread, I was tired and wasnt thinking. I did mean a common event that is triggered by using an item. I did as you said and put a loop, but after the picture is erased it locks my characters movement

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