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    Direction Lock On A1 Red Carpet

    Okay, I have a different idea now. Create a parallax map that looks like your actual map, at least that part of it, with the red carpet laid out. Then on your actual map tiles, use a blank tile, and for that tileset, set the blank tile to be passable only in one direction.
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    Direction Lock On A1 Red Carpet

    I would just copy the desired tiles into a non-autotiling position, then changing the directional errors. Self-switch is going to be tricky, I think it will only block positions two behind you, but you can use a series of switches, one for each row forward. I personally would favor editing the...
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    MV Generator Parts: Kids with Beards and Big Noses

    If I'm editing this by hand, I can just make adult sprites and move their heads. I was hoping to avoid doing that for every head on every panel of every graphic. My skills at making my own resources are not great, I am not a visual artist.
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    Critical Hit formula

    Thank you! Honestly, that is a little anticlimactic. I was thinking it was something like FF where it seems to ignore part of DEF and so forth. I may have to check out Yanfly's plugin or other options.
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    Critical Hit formula

    I've been Googling to no avail, but I thought one of you script wizzes might already know this. When you score a critical hit in MV, using the default engine, what actually happens? What's the formula for how damage is affected? Thank you.
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    MV Generator Parts: Kids with Beards and Big Noses

    Resource Type: generator parts Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV generator Description: Okay, so the real deal is I want to make some dwarf sprites and portraits. The portraits are not a problem as I can use the Male tab on the generator. I had the thought of using the Kid tab to make some...
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    General discussion

    My project has been sleeping a number of months now, mostly because I've had to prioritize (paying) tabletop game work, and also because we are about to move. 
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    Is it possible to have a class that has a permanent state inflicted?

    If you go the item route, HRG is under Ex-Parameters on the item screen.
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    How to pull off "open world"

    I don't like scaling enemies. An open game does require you to scale enemies properly so players can get away if something is too nasty for them. Sprite-based encounters could be good, otherwise if you are using random encounters, keep those Agility levels under control. 
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    Formula for TP gain

    And I just determined that TP gain from attacks is per Attack, which is interesting. Thank you!
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    Formula for TP gain

    How many TP do characters get for attacking and being attacked?
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    Using Real World Media in RPGMaker?

    There are essentially no classical recordings in the public domain unless you found a website of someone that is actively recording them and donating them. If you want to make your own recording, make sure you don't use an...
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    Using Real World Media in RPGMaker?

    Basically, you have to aim for fair use/fair dealing or transformative use. Fair use is hard to do, because companies don't like you using their IP even in unrelated ways, so they will sometimes try to argue that you are damaging their IP's use in commerce. Transformative is a little easier, but...
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    World Building Discussion: Viking Society

    Most of them. There were other groups in that region, though, like the Fins. 
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    Announcement: New subforum! We finally have a home.

    Due to busy stuff being busy, I didn't really notice this until a couple of months ago, so, belatedly: Yay!

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