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  • How are the Database Skills for Pokemon for Ace doing?
    slow no longer have my own laptop so can only work on it when im allowed to use dads

    just need to confirm 2 tags

    <tech growth: 20> - this means that this skill has 20pp right

    <tech limit: 32> what does this tag mean? cant reall find a reasomble explination

    alsoi know u released a script.vxdata2 file but could you send me a working demo of your battle script as i just can not get it working so that i can test the skills and animations to ensure that t...
    Crystal Noel
    Crystal Noel
    <tech limit: 32> means that the PP can't exceed 32. PP ups and PP maxes will use this number to determine increases and when to stop. increasing.

    For Testing animation you could just use the default system with Victor's Animated battle. Make sure that you have leap too.

    Here I have a basic demo:
    Crystal Noel
    Crystal Noel
    For the Pokemon for Ace moves could you add the effect Add State Normal Attack 100% to any damaging move.
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