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  1. RMMV Moghunter Theatrhythm Event Not Working

    Good day! I added Moghunter's Theatrhythm plugin to my game and created an Action Button-activated event with the plugin command "Theatrhythm : 1 : 9" (similar to the example on the plugin's webpage, plus a Show Text command. I made sure the...
  2. Already-Exited NPC's Event Is Blocking Exit Tile

    Shaz, I did what you said, and it's working! Somehow I didn't realize that there is a "Through ON" command in the Movement Route menu itself; I was thinking that "Through ON" was only available as a universal setting. A thousand thanks to you and all the other helpful posters here; I just...
  3. Already-Exited NPC's Event Is Blocking Exit Tile

    Eliaquim, thanks for the suggestions; I don't know how to have an event's self switch activate with reaching the exit tile as a trigger, but I think that your second idea about moving the NPC event to another location would solve the piling up problem. Maybe I'll move the NPCs inside a wall or...
  4. Already-Exited NPC's Event Is Blocking Exit Tile

    I am making a cutscene in which multiple solid ("non-through") NPCs leave a room via the same pair of exit tiles. All NPC event movements are controlled by a single autorun master event, and to allow player movement during the NPCs' exit movements, I leave all the Set Movement Route commands...

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