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  • Finally letting some people beta-test my first game. Hopefully will get some decent feedback on what works/doesn't work in it.
    Simon D. Aelsi
    Simon D. Aelsi
    Neat! Congratulations on moving forward! Much success to you and your title!
    Grr. Just went to my website and found it had been deactivated by my host for supposedly sending out 700 emails. No warning that this was going to happen. Just when I was about to start blogging my dev work for my new game...
    With my first game "done" (as in I've finished with it, although it is not 100% complete) I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to come up with the setting and story for my next one. Have an idea, but still not 100% sure of it...
    Wow. Over 100 views of my Party Select script thread, and absolutely no posts/replies in it. I really thought at least 1 person would find it worthwhile/useful.
    I find it worthwhile.
    I get the same with my scripts usually. They sit with tons of views and no comments. It would be nice to know just from a couple people if they are using it, or if something needs fixed, or suggestions, or just thanks... but that's too much to ask for sometimes.
    Happens for a lot of resource threads unfortunately, people just seem to forget to say thank you I guess...
    Started work on Act 5 of 6, and found that I didn't like the way I had shoehorned the character into the original story I had written at this point. So Act 6 is the new Act 5, and the game is one Act shorter. Feeling much happier as I am now working on the last quest for the main story.
    Amazing how much work I got done on my game having been off work for 8 days over Easter. Shame I only have 2 more days before having to go back to a full-time job, and part-time working on my game as before.
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Doing RPG Maker News for 24th October 2021

I'm not sure how to do this so I'll just ask here, Wheres a good place to post your game (for free) once its done?
I don't know what I'm doing :D
So got my hearing tested to see if it was the cause of my mishearing what people say. Test showed no problems but talked with the doctor about anxiety and ADHD causing hearing issues and she agreed and also added that some people hear things differently. With my anxiety cause I am in fight or flight I pay attention to all the sounds in the area so body knows when react. Can't pay attention to one source.

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