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  • So, I've found out every single issue with the rpg maker homepage and products page is related to the webpage.
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    From what i've heard i'm the only one experiencing it, but other people might be but also think they cant get on the forums
    starlight dream
    starlight dream
    Exactly if the pages aren't loading, it probably happens to others too. They're not necessarily members who can post here. Is there a support function on cloudfront's end so you can notify them? Maybe it's fixable & technically they're supposed to allow you to access the web, right?
    I'm honestly not sure. @Kes said it wasn't anything to do with the site, but if the cloudfront isnt loading its a pretty big issue, because cloudfront works fine on other webpages.
    Still cant get the rest of the website to load...Tried everything, apparently its just me, which is really weird.
    Yep, still no luck =( its frustrating, but I can still use the forum so thats okay.
    starlight dream
    starlight dream
    No sadly none of those work properly, now can I purchase anything. it seems that its not able to connect to one of the many cloudfront pages that the site is using, its always the exact same one. I dont think theres a fix for it, because preventing that one from even being loaded in the first place just makes the page load very glitchy with nothing clickable.
    Anyone else unable to access any part of the site apart from the forums right now?
    I think that must be something to do with your browser or your internet connection. No one else is reporting not being able to access Resources. I assume that is what you meant by 'graphics section'.
    yeah, I meant the resources I'm not sure, it was working a few days ago, but now i just cant get half the site to work
    Still completely unable to access the other parts of the site, while the forum works perfectly fine. I'm not sure whats going on.
    June 16th, 1999, the town of pineview heights vanished from the face of the earth. As a young girl, explore the town, and solve the mystery.
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