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  1. No BS Guide to RPG Maker MV

    Okay. Thank you. :)
  2. Help with Creating Conditional Branches Events

    I will check out your tutorial. Thank you. :)
  3. Help with Creating Conditional Branches Events

    Thank you. I have done the tutorials already, but I can go back and do them again, if I have to, to recall better about how to set up switches and conditions.
  4. Help with Creating Conditional Branches Events

    I'm still learning the basics of RPG Maker MV; I have not yet begun using RPG Maker MV yet, for my actual role playing game project. I want to create a chain of events as follows. 1. Actors defeat a boss. 2. Actors revisit a previous town, and speak with one of NPCs there. 3. The NPC gives...
  5. Battle Test Problem

    I'm embarrassed. I found the error I had with the Ice spell, by comparing its formula with the pre-made spells (Fire and Spark). It works as it's supposed to, now. Thank you for your responses and your help.
  6. Battle Test Problem

    I see. So for any spell that I want any enemies and bosses to use, simply have a duplicate of each such spell, only with one of the two copies of each spell, having the edited change that does not use levels. Should the formula under Damage for enemies be: a.mat - b.mdf + 10? Without the...
  7. Battle Test Problem

    Okay. I did not want to make any changes though to the Skills, because they are general settings for skills. I thought if I made the change I need to make as you suggest, that this would create an error then, for when my actors use the Ice spell.
  8. Battle Test Problem

    Sorry. I'm still learning how to properly crop a screenshot image using GIMP. The target in the boss fight, are the actors controlled by the player. They are level five, and their magic defense is 21 for each of the actors. And no, I have no plugin for enemy levels. I am using RPG Maker MV...
  9. No BS Guide to RPG Maker MV

    Thank you for the work you did, in providing these videos. Which one is a tutorial on creating battles and customizing enemies' traits?
  10. Battle Test Problem

    Ah! Sorry about that. I will do screenshots that way, then. Here is the screenshot now, showing the skills.
  11. Battle Test Problem

    I am still learning the basics in using RPG Maker MV and right now, I'm learning how to create battles. I created a boss for the party to battle, but when I try battle testing, for some reason, the boss's physical attacks deals damage to the party, as it should, but the boss's ice spell hits...
  12. Basic Event Help

    Oh my gawd! I feel like a doofus. :) It works now, without having that box checked. Thank you for your patience in helping me with this. I will save a copy of the example for future reference.
  13. Basic Event Help

    Wait. So you leave the box for Self Switch on the left side, unchecked?
  14. Basic Event Help

    HotandCold, I tried following your instructions, but maybe I'm still not doing something right. When I play test now, the way I put the event trying to follow your instructions, the NPC is not even present in the game. And for some reason, the forum pops up with an error message, when I try to...
  15. Basic Event Help

    Got it! I will try this right now.

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