I write books, and make games in my spare time.

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Oct 24, 1990 (Age: 32)
Alpha Centauri Cluster
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Techie, Writer, Developer
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Programming, writing, Videogames


Current Projects:

RESemblance: Two Worlds
Story-Driven, Tactical Battle Style RPG. Follow a group of 5 friends as they travel to a parallel world on the brink of war.

Story Driven:

---A Game that is driven by its story, Two Worlds delivers an almost Visual Novelesque experience, but still offers the RPG-style "Open Worldness"- granting players the ability to explore towns and cities, forests and caves.

---Will offer open-worldness in towns, cities, caves, etc.
---Tactical RPG Battle System - Courtesy of Lecode
---Skill Equip System - Offering a multitude of learned kills to equip characters with - such as "Skill Slots Up", "Movement Up", "XP UP" and more!. Skill Equip System also offers upgradable "Skill Slots" by way of "Slot Increasing" skills to equip.

Battle System:
---Tactical RPG Battle System: control your units on the board and position them for attack.
--Meaningful Movement: Some areas are difficult to traverse, requiring additional movement points to travel through With Chasms, Lava Pits, and Pools of water, special skills can be unlocked to give you the edge. Unlock Water Walking, Fire Walking, and Float!

--Height System: Slopes and Cliffs add dimension to the battle, requiring additional movement to climb or descend.

---Equip skills to take on foes: With a multitude of skills to choose from, players are free to customize how each character acts in their class.

---Paradigm System: Unlock various TP "Modes" to change your how your character charges their Overload gauges. In addition to the Staple "healer" and "tank" roles, the system also features special modes, such as "Assassin" and "Thief". There are even Gimmick-based paradigms such as "Merchant" or "Traveler"

---Counter System: Learn and Unlock special counter Passive skills that can be equipped. Features the staple "Auto-Potion". But beware! Some enemies have counters of their own.

Project Start: March 6,2018
Current Status: ~42% completion
Gameplay Status: Approximately 10-25+ Hours of game-play, including battles, explorable areas, cutscenes and dialog.

What needs to be done:
Many Cutscenes
Revamping of initial encounter after arriving in this unknown world.
A fair deal of mapping and eventing.



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