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    Free to Use from SillyStoryGames

    I like both but... I prefer Michelle =)
  2. Phelon

    albertyoukay coustom sorce

    Can't wait ;) {actually checked whtdragon and PH both awesome works}
  3. Phelon

    albertyoukay coustom sorce

    I'm stunned... what a HUGE collection of variants.. it's really amazing! Great work and thank you dude... Those billions tiles gave me new ideas on how to make the world bigger and varied... I enjoy your work =)
  4. Phelon

    knock knock...

    lol! =) thank you guys =)
  5. Phelon

    Lib's Bits

    More stuff more stuff!! yeah! =) (I'm hungry =p) awesome... thanks =)
  6. Phelon

    Tall character templates UPDATE 10/10

    Actually moving my project to tall sprites instead of chibi ones. I love both, but... tall ones are much more suitable for one of my projects... Thank you, +1Like !
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    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    :eek: Outstanding works... Impressive! Congratulations and +1Like ;)
  8. Phelon

    Free to Use from SillyStoryGames

    You got a like, Michelle =) (or maybe better Lisa to you?)
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    Seamlessly in Brainstorming.

    Seamlessly in Brainstorming.
  10. Phelon

    Sythian Bard's World Map Tiles

    wonderfulllll... definitely love those tiles =)
  11. Phelon

    Do you have a #1 favorite game? Which one?

    Lol... am I a bit outdated being a 40? well... UFO: Enemy unknown, Dune & Dune II Diablo & Diablo II Secret of the Solstice - Online dead game =( Resident Evil (1,2,3,4, Veronica) and absolutely SILENT HILL (not all episodes) I can mention lot of games btw... maybe we cannot chose just a...
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    Materials by Haydeos!

    Fa-Fantawesome work. videos are a touch of style ;)
  13. Phelon

    knock knock...

    Hello gals, hello guys =) I've just discovered the really huge realm of rpg maker and I like it very much... Please don't blame me for my english.. I know it's bad, but its not my main lang... so please be kind! I started very very little to know how "BIG" is this program. In the beginning, my...

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