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  • Hi! I would like to know an estimate of when we will have a version of ABS for MZ. I want to become a patron, but my game is based on MZ.
    Pheonix KageDesu
    Pheonix KageDesu
    Hi. I plan to publish ABS for MZ first Beta in February, maybe earlier
    thank bro. im looking forward to it. your plugins are very nice.
    Hi, I'm considering to become a patron, may I know if alpha net is stable? Or shold I wait nex updates to use it for a game? Are you porting the plugin on rpg maker mz?
    Pheonix KageDesu
    Pheonix KageDesu
    Alpha NET is stable enough, but have some problems with battle system. Yes, port for MZ in development.
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    why does the free version of alpha net still have all the gamebreaking bugs it has while the paid version doesnt? shouldnt they both be working? like ok with who pays gets more features for the plugin, thats fair, but atleast let the free version work
    Man all your plugins are top-notch quality! If only you had a tactical RPG battle system...would be amazing lol.
    Love your work! It would be fantastic if Alpha Abs could adapted to the new MMOMV project that is in development!
    Heya! I hate to bug ya', but I was curious- have ya' made any progress in implementing playtest compatibility with your ATBS System? I was hoping to test it out further but the need to actually back out of the editor REALLY slows down progress.
    Hey Phoenix KageDesu, I would love to chat if you have some free time, add me on skype: tylerg08
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I saw my new eye doctor today, he reminds me of Satoru Iwata for some reason
I've been using a modified version of a script called Multiple Messages. It makes my text boxes look like a Mario & Luigi game! There is something about it that bothers me a little bit, but I shouldn't worry about that now.

Side note, Mist's walking animation is almost perfectly in sync with Loose Yourself by Eminem.
Starting work on some stuff for the community. Hopefully it will be fun, and useful to somebody.
Searching what to play in my dead times, the nostalgia hit me hard and ended downloading the Patapon trilogy, hope I can avenge my child self and beating all the games hahaha
Finished the frontier and...I apologize to anyone who saw the trailer I posted and actually tried it. Technical marvel, crazy disjointed fetish story hidden inside a cheap milsim skin that has no idea what it's trying to be except sanctimonious and failing at even that. As much as I hate fallout 4's story, even it was better. I guess there just won't be another non-parody fallout after all.

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