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    Is it possible if you can upload a demo file please.Visual learner when it comes to plugins sometime :/
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    Okay, SO @Krimer @Solar_Flare , I found the issue. It wasn't what any of us thought. Last night after messing with my game a bit, the...
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    Hello there, I was wondering if it was possible to both be able to hover over an event, and hover away from it, and then also be able to...

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Just got a better look at the MZ RTP. I'm very happy with it, especially the sci-fi tiles and sprites. Glad I pre-ordered.
I've just checked the VisuStella Plugins for MZ and there are already 11 plugins. The Yanfly team(perhaps a big one?) really works so effectively and efficiently that some MZ users can likely use tons of Yanfly plugins right after MZ's released (still 13 days from now). I wonder if any other plugin developer(or team) will try to compete with Yanfly this time, no matter how slim the chance to win is :)
Hello! :kaopride:I am new to RPG Maker, though I have been lurking the forums for a while. :kaoswt: Hope to make some friends and learn some stuff here! :kaothx:
And now since I've got the whole game parts working, the *contents* await.

I've invented a cheap way to manipulate weather. Should I get it patented?
It's change from frikin' hot to beautiful at the cost of only 4 beers.

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