Well, I'm a partially lapsed Ambient musician - (got EPs out on Amazon and everything!) - I've been on hiatus for a few years largely because my butterfly mind can't stick to anyth...

...Ooh look shiny stuff!... for longer than about 5 minutes, but I managed to make some pretty niche stuff that maybe a few people actually heard and I know for a fact that 1 person actually bought, so I'm cool with that. :D

I also write stories, initially they were largely fan-fix centered upon my OCs in Oblivion and later, Skyrim. I also do original fiction though, mostly fantasy and horror with an occasional bit of light Sci-Fi thrown in. As with most things in my life I'm "still working on it..."(!)

Anyway, should you care even a little bit, you can find some of them here: Foreversongs, thanks for looking. You'll be able to find - again, should you feel you want to - the "novelization" of my game on there, at some point when I get round to it...

Currently I'm turning my slightly beer-smudged focus to writing games. Given that I play enough of them, and I've always had a "thing" about JRPGs, it seemed a logical progression, and another way I can let my nascent creativity leak out onto the internet.

So yes, this profile, ultimately, is a blatant plug...

...It's called "Shadow Destiny", thank you for asking. ;) I'm hoping it'll be out one way or another by the end of the year...

You can find the basics of it, here: RPGMaker: Plot and Character Feedback - Shadow Destiny...

Music, Reading, Movies, Games - lots of games...!
Photography, Cider, and Long Walks in The Country :D
Did I mention gaming...?
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I also write stories: ForeverSongs

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