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  • So now I've got started, I got started only after - I thought - being prepared.

    Heh, turns out I wasn't. It's all good though. ;)
    Currently still what I guess you could call "pre-dev", looking at sounds and music now - found some Ace royalty-free stuff, but more satisfyingly I am also making my own as well. :)

    Also I've been sorting my homemade tiles as well, very excited about those too. Next are some more NPCs and then we should be good to go!!

    (YAY!) :D
    Finally managed to pull together my tilesheets: +1

    My to-do list has, however, now up by 2 rather than down by 1: -1

    ...ho hum...
    Finally started mapping on the main game I am working on.

    Actually I am very happy with the tutorial game I've been practicing as well...!
    Alexander Amnell
    Alexander Amnell
       I resisted mapping (other than bare-bones event stages off course) until I ran out of other things to do. Now if I can just make myself map for a few hundred hours or come into the kind of money it'd take to hire someone that actually enjoys making maps I'll get around to releasing an actual game.

       Good luck to you in your mapping, hopefully you'll enjoy the process a bit more than that.
    Ha ha, I take your point.

    Well I actually started from the point of view of a map and then went from there, using it as a basis for learning the toolset and so forth.

    I can see the frustrations as it's very easy to do it badly and it's very obvious if you do. Given the fact that it's the one of the most visible things about the game that you create.

    I'm definitely looking forward to the challenge though.
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Did some animated message faces. But why not animate menu faces too?

Confession: I don't know how to make a custom intro screen. I've tried a plugin, but I want...something more. Something dynamic!
Looking forward to messing around with MZ when it comes out in little over a week. Anyone else amped? What's the first thing you're gonna look at/try to do?
by now, I think most people know that I hate misanthropic bad guys, but I realize one more reason I hate them so much is because the motive is easy and takes no thought to come up with. It's actually more challenging to create a villain that doesn't have that motive.

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