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    May Goals & Progress Thread

    I would love to say that I had spent the last few weeks cracking on with an avalanche of games making. But I can't.  >_> Dragon Age Inquisition got in the way and now my PC is Properly broken from a gaming point of view I have to wait for my new one to be delivered before I can make any...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    @atasuke10: That's looking much better now. Nice work! @RotorBrick: For a first effort that's a cracking start, good stuff!
  3. Phonantiphon

    VX Ace Edits & Original Stuff

    So anyway, I'm using  - (or trying to use) - a load of either my own stuff, or indeed things that I've edited for my own use from the RTP. I figured I would put some of what I think are the better resources that I've done stuff with\to up on here, for if anyone else could use them. :)...
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    April Goals & Progress Thread

    Steady progress thus far this month... I've got "The Great Forest - North" mapped out pretty much. I really wanted to do that as it gives me some context - (and break from) - with regards to the Farmhouse\Cellar\Barn combo which I'm in the main working on, as that's primarily Prologue, whereas...
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    Constructed language

    You don't need to construct a full language, all you need to do is make the bits you need consistent, and you use it sparingly - you can get away with all sorts of stuff then. Having said that, the easiest thing to do is the most obvious, steal bits from existing languages! I've written...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    @Nisshoku: I completely get what you're saying, I do. I just really want to try to balance the one side with the other. That's said, the screenshot was actually really useful in pointing out a couple of things that I am happy to change, so it's all good. And thank you :)
  7. Phonantiphon

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    @esby: Gotcha. :) Comparing mine and yours - there are changes I can make to distribution in some specific areas, as there is some clumping and linearity which I don't want - thank you for that. But: I'm not gonna change the ratio of tree types, as it's not that type of forest. It's not...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    @Strashiner: I love the rock texture, and the trees with the light and dark. I also really like the floaty diamond thing, and indeed the path and how the grass blends with it. One thing though - what's causing the sunrays? @Candacis: I get what you mean and I'd be interested in the...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    @esby and @Nisshoku: There absolutely are some glitches in the tiles which need addressing, however they are only cosmetic, and as such are going on my bug list for fixing later. With regards to the number of trees - it's a forest, forests have lots of trees, so my maps will have lots of...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    It will have considerably more trees on it by the time I'm finished, as I said I'm still working on it. [EDIT]: It now has considerably more trees in it...! In game I'll be applying a tint to it that'll give it a different look anyway. I'll be editing the tileset a little for the...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    Forest map I'm working on...
  12. Phonantiphon

    I know what you mean...!

    I know what you mean...!
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    April Goals & Progress Thread

    OMG you're back!! :D Got loads done dialogue, and animations - can't wait to share...!
  14. Phonantiphon

    April Goals & Progress Thread

    @Schlangan: Yep, that was pretty much it!
  15. Phonantiphon

    April Goals & Progress Thread

    @bgillisp: I hate to think how many words I've written over the years, but I don't reckon I'm at a million yet! Never mind though, it's something to aim for!!

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