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    Some Newbie Questions! (Help Appreciated!)

    Thanks for the heads up about Pokémon. I will try tinkering away with XP and see how far I get!
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    Some Newbie Questions! (Help Appreciated!)

    That's been really helpful, thank you :-)
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    Some Newbie Questions! (Help Appreciated!)

    Hi, I got RPG Maker XP on Steam - partially due to the Pokémon RPG support available. However I've decided to look into making my own small game to learn some scripting skills & general game making knowledge. (I used to do a bit of NWN1/2 stuff back in the days of yore) My main issue at the...

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On your last stream you were talking about dev's who remake or remaster the same game rather than moving on. Does this happen a lot? Me and Tony were thinking of covering a game that did this. We're baffled by the idea and wanted to investigate the game.
...Damn it has been a hot minute since I was here. How y'all doing, how's life been?
Figured I would make some edits of the enemy art pack I use (Made by SeraphCircle) and I regret my decision xD

Posted a couple more DEMO videos based on my current experiments. A longer one for my turn-based movement experiments and a super short one for the very early experiments with turn order display and turn indicator. I will post links below for anyone interested in seeing the not very pretty experiments. Progresses!
Since cats love to walk across keyboards...what would an entire RPG where all the text was written by a cat walking across the keyboard look like? Prepare for the adventures of the hero aaaaaaaaasddfghyuyhju878uiop;'[p0ol,m

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