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    Some Newbie Questions! (Help Appreciated!)

    Thanks for the heads up about Pokémon. I will try tinkering away with XP and see how far I get!
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    Some Newbie Questions! (Help Appreciated!)

    That's been really helpful, thank you :-)
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    Some Newbie Questions! (Help Appreciated!)

    Hi, I got RPG Maker XP on Steam - partially due to the Pokémon RPG support available. However I've decided to look into making my own small game to learn some scripting skills & general game making knowledge. (I used to do a bit of NWN1/2 stuff back in the days of yore) My main issue at the...

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Been playing through Skies of Arcadia again, and it really makes me wanna see someone try to implement how ship battles were done in the game into RPG Maker (or really just in general).
split view of both versions of the pocket city you traverse through. there's differences like areas only being accessible in one version of Autumn Bay. or events that only happen in one or the other.
theortically if there were a developer who spied on people's game playthroughs and changed things in real time to make it harder for them, what might be said game developer's motivation?
Hi everyone! Enjoying this nice long weekend. How are you all doing? :)
I just successfully tested having events check if specific actors are in a particular party slot and then changing image to match. This will let me make scenes take into account who is in the party at the time and arrange them accordingly - this is important since I'll have extra actors beyond current party. The script used is the same from MV and is compatible with my current core plugin setup in MZ. Thank goodness.

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