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  • I tried a new shampoo and now my hair smells like fear.
    ....o__o is the shampoo by any chance called "Fear"? That is a very goth shampoo =3 , where did you buy it, I would like to also smell like fear.
    Pierman Walter
    Pierman Walter
    It's a bath wash I used instead of shampoo out of necessity. It wasn't meant to be used in high concentrations, so the combination of the fear smell from fear sweat, vaguely sweet rotting scent from the fake lavender, and harsh chemical disinfectant made me smell like I woke up during my own autopsy. There's dark Gothic eloquence, but this is more Victorian medical horror. Do not recommend.
    This may just be narcissism, but I feel like the pure awesomeness of my fanservice thread has inspired other people to post other topics about gender and LGBT issues.
    there are only two genders though :D
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I FINALLY DID IT! 5 years making my very first game and I just officially released it on STEAM..... OMG..... I can say I finished a game! The feelings!!!!!
Stream will be live shortly! I am going to be playing some Among Us! Feel free to drop by!
tv program always get the ratings (it's the reason why drama series has 1000+ episode),also full and nonsense of censorship (weird blur, a scene getting cut because the unconvenient viewer,but it unconvenient to me either. you never see what the original is)

i know the reason is to take cover the viewer from the negative thing,but i just laughing and mocking of them that they're always suck :guffaw:
Star Chart Idea - Just something I am working on.
My sister learned spanish the old fashioned way and saw my way of conjugating. I don't use the formal method and just wing it. I thought her heart might explode. Apparently, different words use different endings. Weird part is even though I never learned the difference, I still can tell when the endings "look wrong".

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