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  • I tried a new shampoo and now my hair smells like fear.
    ....o__o is the shampoo by any chance called "Fear"? That is a very goth shampoo =3 , where did you buy it, I would like to also smell like fear.
    Pierman Walter
    Pierman Walter
    It's a bath wash I used instead of shampoo out of necessity. It wasn't meant to be used in high concentrations, so the combination of the fear smell from fear sweat, vaguely sweet rotting scent from the fake lavender, and harsh chemical disinfectant made me smell like I woke up during my own autopsy. There's dark Gothic eloquence, but this is more Victorian medical horror. Do not recommend.
    This may just be narcissism, but I feel like the pure awesomeness of my fanservice thread has inspired other people to post other topics about gender and LGBT issues.
    there are only two genders though :D
    The legacy of Derpscout reigns eternally.
    Pierman Walter
    Pierman Walter
    I feel like my new profile picture retroactively invalidates everything that I have said.
    Pierman Walter
    Pierman Walter
    It was either this or John Cena's crazy Money-in-the-Bank expression. 
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I was initially looking for some old archer design i made a few years ago, but couldn't find it...
but here's a sketch from some parade / festival I stumbled upon that i totally forgot :D
Not sure how i'll go about it, but i definitely want to incorporate some of it in my game :)
So... what is sleep anyway? UGGGG
I haven't done much for composing over the last while, but I'm now back to work and I'm focusing on my music pack, Symphony Celestia: Prophecy of the Falling Stars, a music pack that describes an emotional story about a young heroine named Alisa and her journey to try and prevent a calamity.

Respect for MogHunter.

With him/her,our Project are Success in many Aspect like Animations,Gameplay,Battle System,more.
Now,it's really empty without him/her.

We have to wait Patiently about the Reason,Why he/she do it.

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