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I now have an idea of how to approach my IGMC entry for this year's theme, as well as a working title (TBA). Given the limited time I can spare, I'm going with a game design that doesn't require a battle system. Something that could be expanded if I want to make it a longer game, but can probably be played through within 2 hours (the goal for now), at least on a speed run.
In last 5 years, I have bought 4 MSI computer components and had issues with all 4 of them. With two of them these issues were so huge the board was quite unusable. I think it's safe to day it's my last MSI product purchase.
Thanks for letting me know another word for 'noted' is 'noted'.
The capital city of Lindenburg everyone. "Capital"

been trying to up my action sequence game and I'm not entirely sure what to do, even with tutorials out there. but I think I'm heading in the right direction with some attacks.

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