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    Qualifying Next Action Program

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    Qualifying Next Action Program

    I want my penguins to go into a frenzy when shot with projectiles, but not when jumped on. Right now, I have it set up so that Walking Right goes to Frenzy Right (increased speed) when gadget is attacked. However, I think the game interprets this to mean being jumped on as well, because the...
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    Out of Ammo?

    Problem solved, per usual. Thank you. You may close thread.
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    Out of Ammo?

    I'm experimenting with my tutorial-made game. I tried giving my player the ability to shoot, following the instructions I remembered from the tutorial on Projectiles. But I must be missing a step, because while my player shoots fine, he apparently loses the ability to shoot once the number of...
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    Free Graphics?

    Just curious: Does anyone know a site where there are full-drawn graphics open to public use and that would work on IGM? I believe there were some I downloaded from IGM itself, though they were specifically and exclusively RPG effects. I also know that you may use the graphics included in the...
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    More than One Tile-set per Canvas

    Much appreciated. I'll go check it out.
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    Shared GPDs?

    Ray's got a game titled "Robot Farewell" or some such, I believe, though I can't say that he'd want to post it online for our scrutiny. I know I'm very secretive with my works in progress.
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    More than One Tile-set per Canvas

    Do you know where I may find such an editor? Is it free, perchance?
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    More than One Tile-set per Canvas

    Is it possible to use multiple tile-sets for the same canvas?
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    Shared GPDs?

    It seems to me that this should already be a point of discussion, yet I did not see it. Are there GPDs online of finished or semi-finished games that are open to all? I know IG Maker comes with its own three sample games, but I'm a keen observer and learn more the more I see.
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    Colliding gadgets

    I'm trying to create a block that falls on a platform myself, but I'm having no luck either. EDIT(a): Setting the block to move left when three conditions are met will make the block pushable: (1) Command was entered - LEFT, (2) Collided with another gadget, and (3) The player gadget touched...
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    Tutorial 9 - Frozen Enemies

    No está bien. The enemy ships do not want to cooperate with "The gadget is facing the player gadget." I just wanted them to react to the player and not seem totally artificial.
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    Tutorial on Player Health?

    No, I don't think I will. The problem, per usual, was my fault. At second glance, I did not divide the animation into two parts, and so when I put it down as a menu, it tried to compensate for space. D'oh! Anyway, I resolved the problem by dividing the animation horizontally and then...
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    My bad. It works perfectly. Thanks. Thread can be closed.
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    Tutorial on Player Health?

    No, I don't need more detailed info on setting up health, but thanks. I basically figured it out by combining steps from Tutorial 6 and Tutorial 14. I only asked because I wanted to make sure I was not missing a tutorial. Has Tutorial 13 been posted as well? The Health-Bar graphic you...

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