I am:

- A former RM game developer

- A resource artist
- A pixel artist
- Someone who loves sharing her creations.

I've been working with RPGMaker since 2009. I first joined RMN.net in late October in the same year, before going over to the now defunct rpgmakervx.net exactly one year later. When the site died I came here, became active for a while, jumped to and fro between sites before settling (and hopefully become an active member here again ^^).  I'm mainly known for my great level design and working solely in the editor for my works. I've also written a few tutorials on lighting and general mapping.

Screens from Enelysion (a completed 12 hour game created in VX)

However, I hung up my GameDev mantle (for developing free games) to focus on creating resources full-time. And maybe earn a penny or two from doing something I love. ^^

Pixel art, reading, the occasional illustration
December 14
Cape Town. South Africa
First Language
UK English
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 “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

My personal website, Luchisoft.com, coming soon!

My resources and general tutorials:

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... I updated an enemy I drew last year.

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