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  • Transferring over the character creation to MMO MV is going okie-ish, but slow~ Mainly image assets reformatting/reworking I have to do to work in this engine is a pain. XD At least the MMO battles works pretty well so far! Woop woop! :kaoluv:
    You mean the plugins in MV to make it an MMO. There is no such thing as MMO MV as an official product.
    Well, yes, but it still counts. I'm moving things over. ^^ So far, so good.
    To compensate for me feeling too sick to interact properly, have an old recording of me calming you with Zelda's Lullaby. https://vocaroo.com/jqTcbzdQTw5 :kaojoy:
    :kaosigh:Brain fog/inability to focus due to medicine change is brutal! It's like I want to interact, but the words won't come easily.......making working in a team hard stuff. OOF
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    My illnesses cause brain fog. The meds producer was being wonky (got it free), I'd have to go through another avenue to keep my same medicine: try the generic for 30 days and if it doesn't work, insurance will then pay for the "better brand". I don't know if my body isn't adjusted or this medicine is "not strong enough", but the brain fog and pain are worse on this than my original.
    Lars Ulrika
    Lars Ulrika
    I would go tell my doctor asap, it might be that the medicine is not adapted to you. I got that same kind of problem, one medicine worked well, but it got out of stock so they offered me a replacement and the other made me get horrifying panic attacks making me unable to actually do anything of my day.
    Insurance companies can be real assholes about this kind of thing sometimes, BUT @Lars Ulrika is right that you should let your doctor know ASAP. In the best case scenario, if the doctor writes a compelling note, or their office gets in touch with your insurance directly, they may approve an immediate switch to the brand you need. You need to be active in getting this to happen, too.
    Let the games (development) BEGIN! :kaojoy:*she says as she has technically been slowly developing some projects for awhile already*
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anybody else like getting baked whilst coding?

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Try to get into pixelart again, so far its a sucess.
Also finally found a useful pixeltutorial which helps a lot.
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