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    Using RPG Maker MV data for different users on a website

    Okie, thanks for the info. I will look into it.
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    Using RPG Maker MV data for different users on a website

    I have a server, I am a programmer. I'm trying to find the data I need to integrate into my code. "Where is the save data going?" That's what I'm asking. Because normally, what I would do is put data into a database or at the very least, a text/json file. But I'm not familiar enough with RPG...
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    Using RPG Maker MV data for different users on a website

    I thought there would be some sort of json output (or something) related to individual users. I went through each of the folders, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. audio/fonts/icon/img - not it data - not it, because these are json files that make up the actual database (actors...
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    Yanfly Event Window / Item Pop Up

    There was a script for RPG Maker VX Ace by Yanfly called "Event Window".   It was by FAR my favorite script, and the most useful imo. Since there wasn't a great pop up item script for Ace that there was for VX. I've tried...
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    My Actors & Enemies Deal ZERO Damage

    Yes I noticed that when I opened a blank game to try and compare the differences. So what I wound up doing was keeping the original 7ish Skills, and just started My Custom Skill at Number 8. This way, JUST in case that happens again, I'll be able to copy/paste the original skills, or use...
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    My Actors & Enemies Deal ZERO Damage

    AH that must be it! I deleted the original Skills and added 133 new ones, but the first Skill has no data in it, and it's a Skill that the Actors use in Skill Checks when interacting with objects in the world. Ok, so I guess I'll just edit the json file so I dont have to copy and paste 133...
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    My Actors & Enemies Deal ZERO Damage

    It's not the Skill, I can't get them to do a Basic Attack, with and without a Weapon equipped Yes, their ATK ratings are all over 400 when I open their Status Menu I've attached screenshots of Actor, Weapons and Classes Each of the 4 described above is a copy/pasted version of the screenies
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    My Actors & Enemies Deal ZERO Damage

    This is a brand new project, there is very very little going on here. I have a few Yanfly Plugins and Gameus Quest System (although even with all Plugins Disabled I'm still having this issue) This is not an "Are you loading a Saved File" issue - I'm not working with any Saved Files. I have zero...
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    Can someone please recreate modern algebra's Quest Log Script?

    Even though I REALLY REALLY LOVE MA's Quest Log, I found this one:  Which is very similar, but what makes it so freaking awesome, is that is comes with it's own Editor! That is freaking cool and convenient
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    Type Error: cannot read height undefined

    Ok, so it looks like Yanfly Core isn't the problem. I now have ZERO Plugins enabled. I just deleted that Enemy Entry and Deleted the Troop Entry And re-added both entries. So it works now >.< Thanks for the help! Question Solved
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    Type Error: cannot read height undefined

    It's literally just one event with one line: Battle Processing   It's 100% an Unsaved File. I have ZERO Saved Files. I've even closed out the RMMV Program and re-opened it several times. This is a brand new project with ONE Plugin: Yanfly Core. This is an Event with One line.
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    Type Error: cannot read height undefined

    Receiving the following Error when attempting to initiate a Battle via an Event, using Yanfly Core. File Name: YEP_CoreEngine.js Version: v1.12 Parameters: Set to Default JavaScript File: unchanged Plugins: ALL Plugins are OFF, EXCEPT YEP_CoreEngine.js TypeError: Cannot read...
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    Yanfly Gab Window Not Working

    I think that was the problem. I just deleted the files, and re-downloaded them from the Dropbox, placing the new files directly into the folder. Works perfectly now, thanks for the help! Question Solved
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    Creating an Item from a Script

    Is there a way to create an item via a script line? For Example: (simplified version) Let's say I have created an item called "Short Sword" using the In Game Database, and I equip that Short Sword onto Actor 1. Actor 1 (controlled by the Player) then visits a Smithy who can craft upgrade...

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