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I'm currently not supporting any of my scripts because I recently came back from a lengthy hiatus. I will begin revamping almost all of them in due time. For now, look at the Progress page on my site to check my current progress.

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Who called it a Hash?

<Hellraizer>: VVulfy, did you say .has_key? and .has_value is depreciated in 2.1.0?
<Hellraizer>: You have to use .keys.include?
<DerVVulfman>: O_O I never said has_key? was depreciated.
<Hellraizer>: What was deprecated with hash?
<Hellraizer>: each, each_key, each_value?
<DerVVulfman>: Um, dunno
<DerVVulfman>: Spam Hash
<DerVVulfman>: Hash and Potatoes
<Hellraizer>: Marijuana hash oil <3
<Hellraizer>: :3
<DerVVulfman>: Who called it HASH anyhoo ???
<DerVVulfman>: Or was he on some reaaaly REAAAAAALY good hash ?
<Hellraizer>: Probably
<Hellraizer>: Either that or he really loved hash browns
<Hellraizer>: Maybe both

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Currently working on a playlist of songs that have inspired my work on revamping Battle Castle, and making sure they flow decently from one to the next. I will be posting it whenever I upload my next demo.
This is the first song in the playlist.
Artists out there, is there something RPG maker related you wish your graphics software had but doesn't? (Something like automatically transform a wall tile into a cylindrical tower). I want to give a boost to WecTools, but I'm dry of ideas right now...
having anxiety during all this virus stuff is the absolute worst. I'm the only one missing out on my friend's wedding in Sept. because I can't be in large groups of people anymore due to anxiety.
Well... I just spent most of the day making something I cant even use xD

The idea was to look at the original but at a medium distance.
In hindsight, I might as well have just edited the original lol... I didn't intend for it to end up so similar.

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