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  • I believe I just finished my VX demo of Change Leader 3. Anybody know of a decent host, or should I just build a website and upload stuff there?
    And now to work on an updated demo for the VX version of Change Leader 3...
    Working on a better demo of Change Leader for XP and hoping that's good enough for the tutorials forum. :D
    I really need to get going and post something related to RPG Maker. 16 posts and I haven't posted anything really worthwhile. Okay, Punk... shut up and get to work.
    Working on Change Leader for VX.
    Man... I still feel like a stranger. This is going to take some getting used to!
    Just finished revamping Change Leader again. This one's definitely a lot more call-script driven than my other attempts.
    That awkward moment when I'm plagiarising my old work... If it helps, I'm actually learning from it.
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--- Onsen ---

Hero: Ahh,dipping in the hot spring is the best!
M.Knight: It fully recover our HP & MP, and remove all Bad Effect.
(F Side)
F.Mage: Hey,your Chest is Bigger than me!
F.Healer: Really,i'm not notice it.
F.Mage: That not fair,i will take your Bigger Chest for me!
F.Healer: No,stop it!
(M Side)
Hero & M.Knight: (Nosebleeding)
I just want to say that I hope everyone is having a good day! If not, have a basket of kittens to make your day a little better. :LZSproud:

Crazy idea: lawnmower/weed whackers as a weapon type.

Specifically the ones that are spinning axes on sticks.

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