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    Post Your Music

    This is my very, very first real attempt at making a sort of "Jazz Boss Battle" theme, so please forgive in advance for its many imperfections. Anyways, let my life be a lesson for you all: if you're a composer, please learn how to play the keys; don't be like me. Because I have no experience or...
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    Post Your Music

    You seem to have a grasp on making music to my ears! Your "Strange Jungle", "Dark Chapel", and "Serene Conviction" pieces could absolutely make a good portion of devs choose your services over mine. Especially if my styles are missing what the project lead wants. And if my track record continues...
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    Character death, things to consider?

    This post saved me so much time. Lol I'd only add that the story and characters have a refreshing amount of freedom the moment you remove the plot shield and make everyone vulnerable to the consequences of their own actions. So if the reason your leading character dies is because they brought a...
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    What is the future of the RPG Maker series?

    I somehow completely missed that they had a pixel maker. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention!
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    What's The Story Behind Your Avatar?

    I filed for an official media company (LLC) and now the hustle begins. My makeshift avatar is my humble starting company logo until I can afford assets for company art that isn't representing just one game.
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    What do people do with their RPG Maker software?

    And let's talk about when important members of the team ghost ya. (We don't have to talk about it, I just figured it was an important addition to why a lot of projects fall through without some gnarly cutthroat tactics and $$$ to burn.)
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    What game are you currently Playing?

    Among Us among friends. Still too into waiting for the next Shadow of the Colossus. Not a direct sequel, just a natural evolution of it - but not Praey to the Gods. There were some design decisions I'm not 100% on board for.
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    What do people do with their RPG Maker software?

    RPG Maker is cheap enough to dabble in without having to feel too guilty if you put off the software for a decade or so. So unless you have a burning passion for RPG Maker itself and thus have a shaking desire to see it leave a bigger footprint in gaming culture, I think it's fine how things are...
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    What's yours favorite site to just scroll through

    Unfortunately just Youtube these days. Those music playlists won't play themselves. > _>
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    Hi everyone

    All the best greetings from over here as well!
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    You can't wrap your head around music - I can't wrap my hands around drawing. Figures life wouldn't let us have it both ways, eh? lol Welcome aboard!
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    Obligatory Introduction

    Greetings! Best of luck on your artistic endeavors~!
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    Introduction; Hello All!

    Greetings! Nice to have ya here!
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    Probably should have posted here first

    Forums can be tricky! With some forums being 'colder' than others. Fortunately, this one seems to be less gatekeepy, so it's good to have ya around! Also, greetings!

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