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    Protection From States Skill?

    ah, there it is, its a state; wasn't looking there :P thanks!
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    Protection From States Skill?

    Hi, sorry if this has been answered before but i couldnt find quite what i was looking for. Is there a way I can make a skill that protects the friendly target from all or one specifc state, IE, "harold is immune to sleep for 4 turns". to be clear i'm not talking damage immunity, just states...
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    TTK's Message Plus Help

    wow, thanks i'll try this!
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    TTK's Message Plus Help

    bummer. thanks.
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    TTK's Message Plus Help

    Hi, so I'm using this to animate faces, and I can't find a way to slow down the animation; it's just flashing all the frames currently. I've looked at the help file and the original thread, don't see anything. Thanks for any help.
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    I believe Masked said that that wouldn't be possible, but that might have been fixed in recent versions. Also, anyone know a way to get scrolling parallaxes working with this?
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    Stand-up Comedy as a bonus game mechanic.

    Sounds like a great concept
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    Android Buttons Input

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place or is an obvious question So, I'm making a game with MV and a big reason i chose MV is its ability to export to Mac and Android; however, I'm using Quasi's ABS system, and i have buttons mapped to it like '1' is sword, 'tab' is how would that work...
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    RMMV Pluto

    @hppyniss thank you! :yhappy:
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    Pluto's Dark Elves

    did not realise that. ok keep this one open please.
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    Pluto's Dark Elves

    (3 of these were showcased in a different post of mine but i wanted to compile all my drow here). These are edits, so credit me and Kadokawa. Also credit Schlangan's Extended Generator for the sprites. You must own MV to use these. Have fun! BATTLERS: SPRITES:
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    RMMV Pluto

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    Pluto's Battler Edits

    just some edits I made of MV battlers (you must own MV to use there, therefore) including dark elves! free for commercial and non commercial use credit me if you want and kadokawa. Monsters: Dark Elves
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    Orange HUD

    ah ok thank you!

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