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    Clord learns to draw >_>

    You might try checking out the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, which is generally regarded as a great resource for many beginner artists. You could probably find a copy in a used book store for just a few dollars - they may even have versions online :)
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    radiostarkiller's miscellany!

    Nice work here - I'm particularly digging the two character pieces you said were inspired by Kimihiko Fujisaka. Very nice :)  
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    The Amber Throne (Complete)

    This is definitely one of the most lovely rpg maker games I've seen. Your painting style lends itself well to this type of platform. I wouldn't be surprised if completing the project would land you a gig at a game development company. Nice work :)
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    Game & Map Screenshots 5

    i finally finished the art for my forest map. first i made a blueprint in rpg maker and then painted over everything else in photoshop. i think it's kind of funny to see how it started verses where it is now, haha. i'll probably make a few more tweaks but for now i really need to move on to...
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    Pocketmole's pile of visual debris.

    Thanks, you two :) Julien - I take anywhere from 30-45 minutes on the sketchpaints to upwards of 10 hours on the larger, more detailed pieces. I would say most of my WoW fan art was done over the course of a day, or over a couple of partial days. It can be hard for me to figure out how much...
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    Pocketmole's pile of visual debris.

    Thank you everyone! I figured I would post a few more things. :)  A couple are quite old (several years) but I still rather like them.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 5

    It's both actually! And thank you :] A little preview of a portion of the big tree. It's since been updated a fair amount, but I'll wait until the whole thing is finished before I posted the full screenshot.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 5

    this is actually two screenshots stiched together so you can see the whole thing. just finished it tonight. i may put a tiny bit more work into it but i'm ready to move on to something else.
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    Pocketmole's pile of visual debris.

    I've been skulking around this community for a couple of weeks now and I thought it was time for me to introduce myself with a small art post. One of these days I hope to paint a custom tileset,  but I've yet to find a good guide on how to go about it. For now I'm just going to dump a bunch of...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 5

    I'm pretty new to RPG Maker and I'm still learning how to use it. Playing around with parallax mapping has been the most fun for me so far, and I'm eager to do more with it. This is a test map I'm working on, which I'm showing in video format just because I think it comes across better in...
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    Vexed's Things and Doings

    I love how your characters are cute but still exude strength and badassery. I actually quite enjoy the colors on your most recent girl too... and I don't find her to be hoochie looking. :) Her skirt is short, but part of the chibi style is exaggeration. My brain automatically makes that...
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    Animated picture through parallel process doesn't restart upon reentering the room.

    That didn't seem to fix the problem. I took some screenshots to try and show what is happening. I set the starting position in the room, so by default the Enter Temple switch isn't on (it would normally be triggered when walking through a door). If I enter the cavern and exit again, the overlay...
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    Animated picture through parallel process doesn't restart upon reentering the room.

    This is my first post here. I spent a while trying to figure out a solution on my own but I'm stumped and decided it was time for me to call upon the experts for assistance. First off I'll just say that I've been using RPG Maker for less than 2 weeks and my event creation and scripting skills...

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