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    RMVXA Tester - Quake of Stivea

    Thank you so much for the feedback! I will definitely look into ways to do/do better the items you mentioned. I hadn't quite figured out how to make items drop for specific quests and was mostly unaware of tints, so it gives me something to learn for sure.
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    RMVXA Tester - Quake of Stivea

    Thank you for the advice! Apologies, from what I read it may be due to not including the RTP on my export. I just uploaded again and updated the download link. Could you let me know if this works for you?
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    RMVXA Tester - Quake of Stivea

    You pretty much hit the nail on the head. I wouldn't want my world to feel like the main characters are the only ones with a life or the mundane move from point A to point B this is just a game and nothing more. Tips like you mention with having the shop be the front section of a families house...
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    RMVXA Tester - Quake of Stivea

    Hopefully this is an OK place to post this. This is basically a game that I made for testing and learning the software over the span of a couple weeks. Was hoping to get some feedback overall on things I did right and what I might improve on. The game can be beat within: Quake of Stivea Game...
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    This seems like it might be related...

    This seems like it might be related:
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    4-day weekend FTW!

    4-day weekend FTW!
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    Hello All...

    I'm totally new to RPGMaker VX Ace as of a week ago. I just finished up a quick sample game (will add link here later) using the Tutorial Series and advice found scouring the community here (thank you to everyone who posts). Everyone seems great and I hope to be a helpful member once I have some...
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    Help for beginner

    I've really enjoyed RPGMaker VX Ace. With my week or so of owning the software I have learned and accomplished a good bit. That being said, I've read through many posts and it seems like MV is the preferred right now. The JavaScript for MV has been easier to find information for (in my...
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    Just getting started.

    Just getting started.

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