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  1. Theo - Enemy HP Gauge

    OH!! I'm sorry I understood it wrong. For some reason pretty sleek gauges never appeared on my search, but I downloaded and works perfectly! Thank you so much!
  2. Theo - Enemy HP Gauge

    Thank you but I googled and searched for an hour and couldn't find any useful ones. They were either Wordpress, which for some reason says it's deleted whenever I click on a link, saying I should use yanfly's, or not working at all. I wish I could buy yanfly's but I don't live in America and...
  3. Theo - Enemy HP Gauge

    Oh I get it, thank you. It's such a shame that I won't be able to use your well made plugin tho :( Are there any free HP bar plugins in MV do you know of? Or is there a way I can convert your plugin to work for MV?
  4. Theo - Enemy HP Gauge

    I used it on MV, and didn't use it on MZ. I just thought that a lot of MZ plugins work on MV. Sorry if it only works on MZ!
  5. Theo - Enemy HP Gauge

    You need to save the link by clicking save as. And then add the file to your plugins folder in your game's folders. :>
  6. Theo - Enemy HP Gauge

    This is really amazing! But I can't get it to work because it says "ColorManager is not defined" whenever I enter a battle :(
  7. Is that a plugin? Did you make it

    Is that a plugin? Did you make it
  8. MV3D - 3D rendering for RMMV with Babylon.js

    It says now loading :(( edit: I managed to get it work but everythings on the floor
  9. rabbitMap - A minimap plugin for MZ (and MV)

    Hi! It says "TypeError this.updateAnimations is not a function" when I try to go in when the plugin is on, any idea why this happens? Thanks

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