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  1. 0 Parameter

    Is there any plugin to set the base parameters to 0 instead of 1? I'm making a game where Instead of stats for stuff like defense It's more casual and I wanna show stuff like how many days have passed in game.
  2. Moving Book Case

    Yeah I realized that, but while trying to edit it into multiple sprites it didn't work either as each spritesheet was wider than the last so it still didn't work.
  3. Moving Book Case

    I made a moving book case sprite, but it doesn't work properly how can I fix it?
  4. RPG Maker MV Car

    Basically I want it to be to scale with the default rpg maker mv character size.
  5. RPG Maker MV Car

    I want to be able to use a car sprite thats 4 directional and is scaled to the regular map size not the overworld size since my game doesn't use an overworld.
  6. Gold Equaling Variable

    Thank you.
  7. Gold Equaling Variable

    Is there any way to change gold to equal a variable instead of increasing or decreasing by the variable?
  8. RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    I think its unfortunate that MV doesn't have an easy quick calculator for damage it would be way easier for less advanced users i mean i'm not an RPG maker newb but it is hard to calculate damage like that in my opinion.
  9. resource staff release for MV

    Will MV have a resource staff releases like VX ace had?

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