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    Projection Class Ideas

    I'd probably make the spirit start out ethereal making it hard to hit that can do possession and touch attacks that cause fear. As the main class becomes more powerful the spirit will become less ethereal losing out on its defensive bonuses but can now full interact (cause physical damage) to...
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    Trying to Make an Item Puzzle

    You should press F9 and check to see if the variables are all set to what they should be after you do the puzzle. If you see errors there maybe you have setup the variable increases incorrectly.
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    RMMV Gjallarhorn

    Added some concept art to the opening post. Trailer is still being worked on but should be out soon.
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    Creating a time system like Majora's Mask?

    I would recommend just using Moghunters time plugin. It's very easy to setup and it does everything you are looking for.
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    Do you enjoy voice acting in rpgs?

    I tend to read faster than any voice acting so full voice is wasted on me. I do like "barks" or one liners or whatever people call them and battle voices.
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    There is nothing wrong with taking a break until you feel motivated again.

    There is nothing wrong with taking a break until you feel motivated again.
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    Turn switch on while actor has state and turn it off when they don't (battles)

    If you have Yanflys Buffs and States plugin this can be easily done with the Apply and Leave effects. You would just need to add these into the state note box: <Custom Apply Effect> $gameSwitches.setValue(num, true); </Custom Apply Effect> <Custom Leave Effect>...
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    How can you use the OR in the conditional branch?

    @minhanthongminh There is no limit to a script call that I am aware of. Are you using this:
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    RMMZ Is there a way to prevent the player from skipping through text?

    What I have done in the past is have the text appear as a picture so I can have it stay on the screen as long as I want. I did this to synch with BGM but I would recommend being careful with this method because I have seen people complain they couldn't read the text fast enough.
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    Ranking Every Final Fantasy I remember playing (AKA: Touchfuzzy Chooses Violence)

    I replay the FF series around every 5 years starting from FF1 to whatever the current title is (not counting MMOs even though I have played them). I’ll just list my top 5 so that I don’t make a post that is too long to read. :D 1: Final Fantasy Tactics – Best story and great gameplay. I don’t...
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    @Walldeaf Very nice!

    @Walldeaf Very nice!
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    How can you use the OR in the conditional branch?

    @minhanthongminh You could also add AND (&&) into script call too. So using your above screen shot I don't know what the variable number is for the X and Y so in this script I just used 1 for X and 2 for Y ($gameVariables.value(1) == 15 && $gameVariables.value(2) == 12) ||...
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    RMMV MV3D: use light and ambient at start

    I start all my games on a blank black map that autoruns everything I need to setup the game. End the event with a fadeout and transition to the map that the player starts in. I'm not familiar with MV3D though so this might be different.
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    Best way to move NPCS/Event locations at different points in a story?

    @Andar Yes that can work and is recommend if you don't have a lot of events but if you have a lot of different event location changes this can create confusing maps where there are events everywhere and make it hard to find a specific event.
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    Best way to move NPCS/Event locations at different points in a story?

    I just created a thread in the plugin section that is awaiting approval and it has my plugin that runs a common event on map transfer. Edit:

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