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    [SOLVED] Skill effect conditioned to target's HP

    Who exactly are you trying to target? Is it specifically the target in index 2? You could always give that target a passive state that banishment can check. So: if target.hp < 150 && target.isStateAffected(419) action effect You would replace 419 with whatever passive state you gave that enemy.
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    RMMV Making A new skill for my game

    To be clear, you want a passive state that affects your casting? So if you have this state than casting fire could potentially cast another spell in its place?
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    [SOLVED] Skill effect conditioned to target's HP

    You can use what you have in that note tag but it needs to be inside an action sequence. Take this: <setup action> </setup action> <whole action> </whole action> <target action> </target action> <follow action> clear battle log </follow action> <finish action> perform finish </finish...
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    Trailers: What kind of trailer do you like?

    Ideally, I would say both. Gameplay is the most important but I do like a little eye candy too.
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    Totally unofficial thread on RM RPGs you should play

    My game, The Great Gaias is as traditional as they come. It was in development for over seven years and has a ton of content, plus custom assets. Check out my signature for the trailer and other links with more details.
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    Stats Growth vs Stats Distribution

    You can balance your game with either, the choice is really up to you and your vision for the game. My first title I went with normal stat growth on level but my current title I'm using a point allocation system, like this:
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    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    @Candacis Thanks for the critique, you bring up some good points. Here is a map of the game I'm currently working on, Gjallarhorn: Sadly, I had to reduce the quality of the image to upload here. Character and monster shadows aren't done yet.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    @Kes Those are some great points. The trees are just used to block the player, while I'm sure there is a way to do that and make it more realistic sometimes you just want to get through a map because there are hundreds more to go. :) The cramped buildings have to do with us making the game...
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    Making Item-user Class more interesting and fun to play?

    I've never cared for those types of classes but I think a sure fire way to get players to use one would just be to make them overpowered. :D
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    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    This is a small town from my first title "The Great Gaias" This is a prison from my upcoming title "Gjallarhorn":
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    When an actor uses a specific skill, the enemy uses a specific pattern.

    @Dehsalp No, not a common event. You just need to make a State: Now you can just have the enemy check for state and use the attack you want:
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    When an actor uses a specific skill, the enemy uses a specific pattern.

    There are several ways you could do this but the easiest I would think is to just make the Actors skill apply a hidden state that you could check for inside the troop event. That way at the start of the enemy turn it can check if it has the hidden state and if it does will unleash its special...
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    End Turn Battle Command?

    Swap out the "Guard" pose with whatever you want.
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    Have you tried: if targets[0].isStateAffected(11) I tested this in my game and it works. This...

    Have you tried: if targets[0].isStateAffected(11) I tested this in my game and it works. This way you can get around choosing a specific actor like I saw you wrote in your thread. I would have responded there but it was closed. Sorry for the late response but I don't check the boards often.

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