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  1. Targeting of enemies and allies please help

    Hi, so I need help to know if there is any way for a skill to do exactly this: I am making class that have skills that are supposed to deal damage and immediatly with the same skill heal ally. Or kill enemy and revive ally. Thanks for help.
  2. Problems with skills

    Here is skill. When I remove bard class, and I add skill to any other class on lvl 1 that skill wont show up in game. But when I add Bard class back skill on bard class on lvl 1 start again to show up on other classes in game. I change my classes with basic event and loop
  3. Problems with skills

    oh and also when I remove bard class I cant add any skill on lvl 1 to any of my other classes
  4. Problems with skills

    Every skill that I add to bard class on lvl 1 cause this problem.
  5. Problems with skills

    Ok so here is screen of my RPG VX ACE. I created that bard class long ago bot just now I dont know why it started affecting all of my classes. As you can see there is Fire breath that I used as experiment on lvl 1. But now when I start game all of my classes have this skill on lvl 1. And this...
  6. Problems with skills

    Hello. I have problems with skills. I already made 10% of my game. Now, my problem is that when I assign skill to class it doesnt show up. Also there is a Sage class and its supposed to have Thunder at lvl.1. But instead of thunder when I start the game my magic skill show fire and no thunder...

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