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    Pokémon-like Enemy Levels

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a script or a modification of one that lets you scale enemy levels like they do in pokémon - basically no scaling at all. For example at one map or region, a monster could be on level 3 to 5, while in another map or region the same monster could go 25 to 30. I've...
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    How to move object via skill?

    Wow, that fits perfect for me. You are my heroine :D Thank you so much!
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    How to move object via skill?

    Well, the common event would have to determine wether a event in a max distance of two squares from the player is movable or not. If it was, the spell cast in field should allow the player to move it one step in a chosen direction. Like as you would push it yourself, but via skill and from a...
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    How to move object via skill?

    Oh sorry for that, didn't see the Request category and thought, I was right ^^ I'm completly new to this board hehe Hmm, I didn't find a way to let a skill affect more than one specific object via event so far.
  5. Prellmarc

    How to move object via skill?

    Hi, everyone. I started a prequel to GBA Golden Sun, maybe someone remembers how great that series was. Unfortunately, I absolutely cannot write a good script for the series Field magic. There is the ability Move, which moves an object like a boulder one square in any direction, when the...

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