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    Bank Plugin [Version 2.0.2]

    Thank you. I will also check out that Class Changer plugin while I wait for an update. It sounds interesting. I would also like to mention that the arrow keys and enter/space bar do not work for confirming withdraw/deposit amounts. The most you can do is select an amount. If you hit...
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    Bank Plugin [Version 2.0.2]

    I am not sure if it is too late to post this, but in V2.0.2, there is a bug in the demo with the Mr. Demon banker. When I try to sell my bonds to him (Note: I have bought the bonds he sells after bonds are added), I get this error message. I can buy bonds from Mr. Demon just fine. I just can't...
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    Multiple Yanfly Plugin SyntaxErrors

    That makes some more sense now. Thank you. Someone should really suggest this to Yanfly for a future update. More flexibility for those who want leading zeroes for whatever reason.
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    Multiple Yanfly Plugin SyntaxErrors

    And what does octal mean in terms of the plugin?
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    Multiple Yanfly Plugin SyntaxErrors

    I actually found the reason it acted up when I was talking about it on Discord with someone else who had the same issue at some point. Someone found that the issue was how I typed the IDs. Instead of putting "<Item Recipe: 131>," I put "<Item Recipe: 0131>." I was being a little too formal...
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    Multiple Yanfly Plugin SyntaxErrors

    I recently loaded up a previous game I made (and is still a work-in-progress) with a bunch of Yanfly Plugin Engine scripts. All of the scripts I am using are from Yanfly and the base RPG Maker MV steam edition product. I am not entirely sure what is going on because I am not sure how to debug...

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